Dr. Ravetz Posts, Normally

Dr. Ravetz Posts, Normally“. Willis Eschenbach once again offers some self-serving compliments before attacking Dr. Ravetz’s rather vague philosophy of science perspectives.

The main purpose though is to link it all to Marxism and to imply that climatologists operate along the lines of Dr. Ravetz’s unique “Post-Normal Science” observation that scientists are justifying choices based on their personal values. This boils down to a claim that for scientists the end justifies the means, so of course they’re lying.

1 thought on “Dr. Ravetz Posts, Normally

  1. why do you equate honest disagreement with character assassination ?

    [Perhaps because of Willis’ dishonesty and misrepresentation. His discussion of Dr. Ravetz’s odd ideas is just the platform for an attack on the character of mainstream climatologists. – Ben]

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