Second Mann spoof video removed

Second Mann spoof video removed“. Anthony Watts says that “Somebody just can’t handle satire.” I think the real problem is that somebody is determined to slander a scientist.

But fear not, another ambitiously named astroturf outfit called “Minnesota Majority” has popped up, Whack-A-Mole style, to re-post it.

This reminds me of watching drunken streakers at a college football game.

[Funny, the “Minnesota Majority”, springing to the defense of “Minnesotans For Global Warming” has the same principals. Astroturf puffery.]

2 thoughts on “Second Mann spoof video removed

  1. Interesting that Watts is removing any comments that point out his hypocrisy given his DMCA takedown last year issued against Climate Crock of the Week.

    [Glass houses, glass houses… – Ben]

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