Climate Change and the dinosaurs

Climate Change and the dinosaurs“. Anthony Watts has found a press release from Plymouth University. Geological evidence from Norway suggests that during the Cretaceous period, characterized by substantially higher CO2 levels than today, there were several abrupt temperature drops:

over a period of a few hundred or a few thousand years, ocean temperatures fell from an average of 13 degrees centigrade to between eight and four degrees.

Anthony’s implication is that this kind of ancient temperature change shows that there are potential natural drivers as strong as the theorized current man-made changes. So it mustn’t be our fault this time either.

Of course the study found evidence of sudden temperature drops, not rises.

2 thoughts on “Climate Change and the dinosaurs

  1. What does variability of climate over long time scales have to do with what we are doing now? Did the dinosaurs try burning 65 million years of accumulated coal, the result of nature’s sequestration of carbon, and releasing the carbon back into the atmosphere in a few hundred years?

    You think that might effect the climate? Duh.

    It comes down to common sense. Common sense would tell you doing that might not be a good idea. When decades of science says the same thing, its time to pay attention. I remember watching exhaust coming out of a car’s tailpipe, when I was about 8 years old, and wondering how much of that we could safely put in the air before the air became poisoned. My father had taught me to beware of the poisonous exhaust. What was that book someone wrote about the things we learn as children being good for adults too?

    No, sorry, I’m not saying CO2 is poisonous. (A little preemptive denier troll defence.)

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