Cold from Seattle to Sao Paulo

Cold from Seattle to Sao Paulo“. Steven Goddard makes an idiotic and irrelevant observation about the short-term weather forecast for North and South America and commenters talk sagely about how much snow fell in their backyard yesterday. Thus proving that Global Warming is a hoax.


2 thoughts on “Cold from Seattle to Sao Paulo

  1. For “weather is not climate,” wouldn’t yesterday’s global temperature measurement be preferable to next week’s regional forecast?

    Check out Roy Spencer’s global average satellite temperatures at:

    Click on ‘temperature trends’, and then choose 14,000ft. After clicking on all the boxes underneath, and the redraw box, you’ll see that yesterday’s temperature has risen again.
    From ‘higher’ back up to ‘highest ever’.

  2. I don’t know how you keep this up with the level of idiocy + ignorance coming from over there Ben. Respect.

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