New paper: Tropical cyclone response to solar UV

New paper: Tropical cyclone response to solar UV“. Anthony Watts posts parts of a Geophysical Research Letters paper, Daily tropical cyclone intensity response to solar ultraviolet radiation by three geographers at Florida State University, about cyclone intensity over the Caribbean and an inverse relationship to the number of sunspots (full copy here). The “compelling” hypothesis is that it is changes in UV radiation that are significant and not Total Solar Insolation (TSI). No real-world physical model is offered to explain it.

Here’s the quote from the conclusions that Anthony likes, because it can be waved about to suggest that climate change is all due to the sun:

a tropical cyclone can act to amplify the effect on the Earth’s climate of a relatively small change in solar output.

More local evidence used to infer global meaning. More grasping at straws for a random theory to magically “prove” humans aren’t contributing to Global Warming. Anther shiny thing to swing back and forth in front of Anthony’s readers.

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