Seven Months of Winter at NCAR

Seven Months of Winter at NCAR“. Steven Goddard once again shouts about local weather to conceal the truth about climate. Here’s his evidence. Real climatologist Kevin Trenberth idly mentions a Colorado October cold snap in one of the stolen “Climategate” e-mails! A Met Office press release from ten years ago wasn’t accurate enough! Scottish ski resorts had profitable seasons! Steve’s canceled his kid’s soccer practices due to poor weather!

Funny, the real data is pretty solidly against Steven’s deceptive posturing – NASA: Easily the hottest April — and hottest Jan-April — in temperature record – Plus a new record 12-month global temperature, as predicted.

From Murphy et al. 2009.

Steven also repeats the misrepresentation of Kevin Trenberth’s “travesty” comment. Hint: it wasn’t about deceiving the public or faulty climate models. It was about insufficient instrumentation.

Same old denialist lies from Steven Goddard.

1 thought on “Seven Months of Winter at NCAR

  1. Goddard, Watts and their audience of morons are utterly clueless. I skimmed this article, and all I read were babblings about local weather events. It takes a special kind of stupid to believe that their prattlings are relevant to climate change. I’ve seen a lot of dumb, and man, WTFWT is unparalleled.

    [Um, nothing to add. – Ben]

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