McIntyre on Stephen Schneider

McIntyre on Stephen Schneider“. Anthony Watts copies-and-pastes a post by the thin-skinned curmudgeon Stephen McIntyre, who complains that Climatologist Stephen Schneider, the editor of the journal Climatic Change who recently passed away, didn’t regard his extended pestering as “genial”. Well, that’s an illuminating complaint, isn’t it? Too bad McIntyre didn’t raise the issue a year ago when Schneider was alive and able to respond.

Here’s a quote from Schneider last year that McIntyre objects to:

A serial abuser of legalistic attacks was Stephen McIntyre a statistician who had worked in Canada for a mining company.

McIntyre’s post starts as a half-hearted remembrance before devolving into another in an endless series of complaint about perceived ill-treatment. C for effort but E for execution, Stephen.

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