Expert Embarrassment in Climate Change

Expert Embarrassment in Climate Change. Thomas Fuller, first to publish rash “Climategate” accusations, lets us know that the recent PNAS paper, ‘Expert Credibility in Climate Change’, is somehow a nasty and unethical blacklist.

Sorry Tom, the determination of denier/agree-er was based on freely given public statements and the assessment of expertise was the same for all subjects. Claiming sneakiness, privacy infringement, or violation of confidentiality is bull. Read the author’s defense, several days before Fuller’s repetition, over at Real Climate.

Your denialist victims have been “outing” themselves without any help, and your post is merely an exercise in victim bullying. However your howls do remind me of the frequent calls by denialists for the dismissal of “warmist” scientists or public officials, cuts to their funding, calls for boycotts, etc, etc. What’s that smell? Oh yes, hypocrisy.

2 thoughts on “Expert Embarrassment in Climate Change

  1. Especially amusing is Anthony’s defense (in the comments) of his own recent blacklisting of several “eminent” physicists. It hits all the high points of why this paper isn’t a blacklist!

    [Anthony claims he was simply reposting someone else’s work, not identifying anyone… – Ben]

  2. Seeing as how Anthony cyberstalks every poster he doesn’t like, he’s in no position to argue about blacklists.

    But all of us already knew that Anthony is a filthy hypocrite.

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