And the Lord said: “Go forth and model Moses”

And the Lord said: “Go forth and model Moses”. A creationist gets some grant money for a paper on how a fictional event (Moses parting the Red Sea) could have, maybe, happened. He uses the computers at the National Center for Atmospheric Research to model how topographic configurations could interact with unusual wind patterns to expose the floor of a shallow lagoon (pretty lousy “miracle” if you ask me).

For Anthony Watts, this is a chance to rant about goofy computer models while simultaneously complaining about the wasteful use of said goofy computer models. Whatever.

Careful with the George Monbiot links though Anthony! Are the climate change deniers with no evidence just naturally gullible?

A non-miracle occurs! Figure from NCAR.

1 thought on “And the Lord said: “Go forth and model Moses”

  1. You are wrong this time, Ben. But we understand. You’ve been off for a while, and out of the fray. You’ve been with people you can trust, and read things that you can believe. And, as is human nature, avoiding all the things that you have to address here.

    No creationist group would suppport such a study. Nor would anyone else in the Old Testament consensus of Jews, Christians and Moslems. Ben, you have to think the conspiracy all the way through. They all want a miracle that is an act of God, not of nature (however unlikely).

    This is a study that can only have been done in a conspiracy by ATHEISTS. Hiding behind a front group, to conceal their intentions, and to make it easier to get grant money. Falsifying historical data to move to an ideal location, despite the objections of critics. Taking the ‘wind setdown’ phenomenon beyond the range of accepted physics. And enlarging everything, with creative computer modeling to give it the appearance of being possible.

    Don’t worry about this misstep. The job is easier now. Anthony’s science pieces are shorter and more easily solved. Tom Fuller is 1/4 in the GW camp, with the buck-shotty remainder being too spread out for response, anyway. And generally, with the climate denier position in continuing decline, there are just fewer challenging pieces. And more easy ones, and more silly ones.

    It’ll return. Just a little more acclimation, foreboding, and incredulity. And you’ll find yourself about to kick the dog, and realize that you’re back.

    [They’re sneaky alright! :-) – Ben]

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