Climate science solar shock and awe

Climate science solar shock and awe. Anthony Watts thinks that climate scientists have suddenly realized that there’s a sun up there in the sky. Wow, it heats the Earth too! So it’s all natural after all. That’s a relief.

This revelation was, um, revealed, in an editorial in New Scientist! You never know where new ideas will pop into existence, do you? Maybe even from Anthony’s blog where the solar looneys are out in full force in the comments.

You know, there are lots of natural cycles out there that correlate pretty well with natural variations in the earth’s climate. Just not any that correlate with the recent large and abrupt changes that climate scientists ascribe to human activity. Sorry Anthony.

6 thoughts on “Climate science solar shock and awe

  1. All Watts is interested in is readership numbers, and he’ll post anything to feed the confirmation bias of his regulars. The suggestion from this kind of post is fed into the faithful, uninformed and gullible, and I keep seeing a lot of denialist zombie straw men arguments that follow the tack of Watts’ bag of wind, trying to make out that “CAGW alarmists” ignore the Sun and other forcings.

  2. I see the same tired sayings trooped out, make the most of it as the Republicans are going to have a serious look into things, and you lads better hope the case is a strong as you’ve made out

    [“Same tired things”? You’re talking about Anthony’s blog, right? Your bluster is what’s tired. You’re blocked unless (if?) you say something intelligent. – Ben]

  3. I notice Watts doesn’t mention the bit where the article says that we can’t blame recent warming on the Sun. It’s amazing how many of the commentators don’t read the article.

    [But, but, but, its all supposed to be because of the sun! – Ben]

  4. Oh well, I used to think Anthony Watts was factually challenged 98% of the time(you need some facts to make the rest of the propaganda look credible) and as for his supporting no dissent allowed chorus, they were mostly living out in orbit beyond Uranus.

    That was, until I read his former partner in the crime of dispensing propaganda without a license, Steve Goddard. Steve is now outputting around 250% total fact less junk everything and is out of control. The man called Steve, appears to living in an another universe far, far away. It seems to make Anthony look totally sane in comparison and Anthony still resides in Lunar orbit. (face palm)

    Keep up the good work, Ben.

    [Anthony’s replacement for Goddard, Thomas Fuller, seems to be doing a bang-up job entertaining as the global warming believer who somehow doesn’t believe any of the evidence. – Ben]

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