Extreme Weather, Extreme Claims

Extreme Weather, Extreme Claims. The ever-impartial think-tank Science and Public Policy Institute, home to any and all denialists itching to see their name in print, is offering Dennis Ambler’s latest pamphlet, Extreme Weather Extreme Claims. Apparently this summer’s heat wave and forest fires in Russia, the floods in Pakistan, etc. could have been taken care of if we had redirected all that foolish climate research money  into fire-hoses and rafts.

Sorry, that’s as much brain-power as I can bear to spend on Dennis’s stupidity.

Can someone explain why Dennis has used two photos twice each on the cover?

1 thought on “Extreme Weather, Extreme Claims

  1. Why use two photos twice on the cover? My guess is he’s trying to say that with or without climate change the same things would have happened. Of course, trying to read the mind of an idiot is fraught with perils…

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