Delivering Messages Is Not Communicating

Delivering Messages Is Not Communicating. Thomas Fuller rambles on in an “op ed” guest post about how “they” are losing the battle of “messages”. “They” need over-dramatize because:

there really isn’t enough data to make a definitive case for the type of climate change the establishment needs to command immediate and decisive action. (emphasis mine)

Andrew Montford’s book The Hockey Stick Illusion? Not defeated by a blog! Hah! Stephen Schneider’s paper about the credibility of climate change authors? Somehow, libelous! Environmental videos featuring exploding children? In poor taste! (I’ll give you that one.) Hair-splitting denialist scientists like Lindzen, Spencer, Christy? Still splitting hairs!

But what is the denialist messaging, Thomas? Climategate fraud accusations – proven to be fabricated. Political and legal attacks on scientists – proven to be unjustifiable. Statistical evidence disputing global warming – proven to be misreprentative.

Your ‘message’ is one of insinuation about their motives. “Their” message is that denialists are provably lying. Pick a side.

2 thoughts on “Delivering Messages Is Not Communicating

  1. EXPECT IT……….When the inevitables are obvious and the tragedies begin, Thomas Fuller will complain that he (and the American people) weren’t warned in the right way.
    All the consequences become the fault of the believers, because they didn’t communicate the message in the right way.

    EDITORIAL……….The important climate discussions are taking place at the paper vs paper level, by scientists. These get popularized for laymen at mostly-serious-science sites like RealClimate, Skeptical Science, Science of Doom & Open Mind. With occasional help from the sometimes-serious-science websites.
    And it is at this level (paper vs paper) that the skeptic vs believer AGW argument should be taking place (Even if I’m not smart enough to follow it).

    Instead we have an opinion piece by Thomas Fuller creating an “establishment” on which to blame things…

  2. As usual, Anthony and his educationally challenged incoherent chorus have lost plot absolutely and totally swallowed the pure horse hockey propaganda he shovels down their throats.

    One very rare user comment:-

    Fool me once says:
    October 3, 2010 at 8:06 pm

    “None of it is working right now.” – so that explains the dramatic increase in the green vote in the recent Australian election – right after the Watts tour no less.(*Election results,_2010)

    And you talk of libelous papers when the daily tone here by commentators itself is libelous. Who hasn’t been called a fraud or corrupt by now?


    Anthony’s reply:-
    REPLY: “libelous tone”? Heh, that’s a new one. Your comment is a perfect example of why dealing in hard facts is so hard for people like yourself. Libel is or isn’t, “tone” doesn’t cut it. If you want to accuse of libel, make a citation, otherwise take your “tone” elsewhere. – Anthony

    A true classic, I am totally amazed he actually left it untouched! Unfortunately when reading some of Anthony’s ardent admirers, I have great difficulty in not falling out of the seat and rolling on the floor lmao!

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