The other embarrassing AGW story this week

The other embarrassing AGW story this week. Osama bin Laden is against climate change, because he apparently mentions the recent Pakistan floods in his latest audio release. This, according to Anthony Watts, makes him an ally of those commie ‘warmists’ because like them he’s “a man who kills people for having a differing view than him”.

I think I’ll just let this sit there and let you can draw your own conclusions about the workings of Anthony’s mind.

3 thoughts on “The other embarrassing AGW story this week

  1. I love the quote from Anthony that he uses over and over: you wont see the main stream media picking up on this one. As if he’s found some story they missed or they are deliberately hiding the story to promote the global warming agenda that they ALL have.

    Note to Anthony: the MSM didn’t pick up this story because it’s not newsworthy. And you insinuating it is shows how un-worthy your blog is.

  2. From the update

    “In case somebody misunderstands, it should be clearly understood that it is not my intent to compare these AGW proponents to OSBL in any possible way. I only want to point out that like with the 10:10 fiasco, AGW proponents that don’t want this sort of bad publicity connected with their movement, IMO should distance themselves and their organizations from OSBL.”

    Thank goodness Anthony took the opportunity to both highlight the terror link that would have otherwise gone missing and offer some helpful friendly advice along the lines of “Since you accept the conclusions of climatologists there’s just no way to know if you’re also a terrorist unless you distance yourself”

  3. It is the deniers who should be avoiding any associations between global climate change and anti-US terrorism. What happens if they are wrong?

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