OH NO! Too much fresh water! (but we can’t tell)

OH NO! Too much fresh water! (but we can’t tell). Holy cow, Anthony Watts says that a news release from University of California, Irvine sort-of contradicts itself! You know what this means, don’t you – there is no Global Warming! He ponders – “Do these guys even read their own press releases? I want my California State taxes back.”

Apparently Anthony doesn’t read press releases either. He juxtaposes “study finds alarming increase” and “there is no global discharge measurement network” but seems incapable of understanding that the lack of a “measurement network” doesn’t mean that they aren’t able to measure something. This sentence slipped past Anthony’s incurious nose:

This paper uses satellite records of sea level rise, precipitation and evaporation to put together a unique 13-year record – the longest and first of its kind. (Emphasis mine)

So the news release title is “First-of-its-kind study finds alarming increase in flow of water into oceans.” They estimate that freshwater outflow has increased by 18% since 1994 and 2006. The authors clearly are ‘climate alarmists’ because they say:

“In general, more water is good,” Famiglietti said. “But here’s the problem: Not everybody is getting more rainfall, and those who are may not need it. What we’re seeing is exactly what the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicted – that precipitation is increasing in the tropics and the Arctic Circle with heavier, more punishing storms. Meanwhile, hundreds of millions of people live in semiarid regions, and those are drying up.”

3 thoughts on “OH NO! Too much fresh water! (but we can’t tell)

  1. So the clear implication here is that if Anthony got his state taxes back he wouldn’t complain. Maybe we should take up a fund to give Anthony his share of state taxes back that paid for this study.

    Let’s see, one first-of-it’s-kind global warming study. Maybe one million-tops. Taxpayers share, maybe 500k. Total taxpayers in California: 37 million. Anthony’s share: about 1.4 cents. Let’s just round that up to 2 cents AND I’ll foot the postage.

    Do you think that will get him to shut up?

    Hmmm, talk about redefining my 2 cents…

    [I’d pay a dollar to see that! – Ben]

  2. As a fellow author (albeit of comments below, while Anthony posts above) I’ve experienced the hesitation. With mouse poised above ‘submit’, the fear that maybe I misunderstood and got it horribly and embarrassingly wrong. That It will be permanently there with my name on it (even a pseudonym has a rep to protect). That someone says…”stupid”.

    RW R.I.P……….Oct 5, 2010 7:59am 9:33 10:44 & 5:08pm

    Ordinarily I don’t name WUWT commenters, but RW has been officially declared an ex-commenter.

    RW pointed out Anthony’s premature scorn, at the BEFORE part. Anthony chose to condemn RW’s brutish “one of your ilk” expression, rather than to address the correction.

    Anthony humourously side steps his own anecotal-weather-becomes-climate persona to declare that a 13 year study is short of the 30 year definition of climate.

    And Anthony gets the last word.

    [“Anthony gets the last word” is the whole point of WUWT. Anywhere else the facts get the last word. – Ben]

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