New peer reviewed study: global warming lowers death rates

New peer reviewed study: global warming lowers death rates“. Anthony tries the hoary old “Global Warming is good for us!” line once more. After all, the lobbyists at CO2 Science say so.

Check out this appallingly ignorant quote from CO2 Science:

Warming is highly beneficial to human health, even without any overt adaptation to it. And when adaptations are made, warming is incredibly beneficial in terms of lengthening human life span.

So, when studying population statistics of a highly industrialized society in a temperate climate, and ignoring any possible future climate warming repercussions such as the arrival of new diseases or crop failures, these idiots think this passes for thoughtful science.

I guess the 4 billion humans in tropical climates can just suck it, eh?

For the record, the 2010 paper that CO2 Science and Anthony are misquoting, Causes for the recent changes in cold- and heat-related mortality in England and Wales, actually says the following in their abstract:

…adaptation has prevented a significant increase in heat-related mortality and considerably enhanced a significant decrease in cold-related mortality. Our analysis suggests that in the absence of adaptation, the human influence on climate would have been the main contributor to increases in heat-related mortality and decreases in cold-related mortality. (emphasis mine)

2 thoughts on “New peer reviewed study: global warming lowers death rates

  1. Ben, thank you for labeling the url I posted.

    There is research done since, e.g. case studies for France 2003 or Holland, July 2006, and more general work that corroborates the findings in the article I posted. The curve around +16.5° C is well established. It does mean, though, that an average annual temperature of +9.3° C (1951-1980, de Bilt NL) with the warmest month around +17.0° C is too low to be able to live comfortably in this country (therefore, every house is supplied with some form of heating). Fortunately, although I prefer much more frost, annual temperature is close to +11° C per past quarter century.
    I guess mortality is lowest in Spain, well Holland will have the Spanish climate in just 150 years at this rate.

    How can someone like Anthony Watts live with himself?

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