2 thoughts on “GASP! Climate Change could ruin Thanksgiving

  1. Deniers have less and less to be thankful for.

    Current temperatures in the US are about .7oF warmer now than in the 1930’s. And, in the US, 2006 was the warmest year.

    Also, with increasing temperature, will come an increasing number of serious climate change IMPACT studies, over a widening range of topics.

    Still, Happy Turkey, every one!

  2. Getva life you sad people, just eat your Turkey and be glad you got food to eat

    [I’ll let our resident troll through this time because his devastating insight has made me rethink my entire position on Global Warming. Still, the under-the-table payouts from Big Green are just too good to give up so I’ll keep faking it. – Ben]

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