People Living in Glass Planets

People Living in Glass Planets“. Anthony Watts and crew have given up seriously pretending that the “greenhouse effect” doesn’t exist. Willis Eschenbach posts a guest article explaining to the WUWT readers why it is sort-of theoretically true. Don’t worry though, Willis assures the WUWT readers that there are still plenty of nit-picks that they can shout about.

Of course Anthony’s quite happy to let their readers deny the greenhouse effect in website comments. This is really about creating “plausible deniability” for Anthony himself.

2 thoughts on “People Living in Glass Planets

  1. “People Living in Glass Planets” (WUWT,Nov27,2010)

    SKEPTIC DOUBLE-SECRET HERESIES……….The comments demonstrate the vast divide between the beliefs of everyday skeptics, and the few established skeptic climate scientists (Lindzen,Michaels,etc). For the skeptics are objecting to a ‘greenhouse’ theory that is held by Lindzen & Michaels, as well as by Eschenbach. And nobody is telling these skeptics that this difference, and many otheres, are violating the science of the established skeptic scientists, as well as the consensus AGWers. Hence, “double-secret heresies”.

    Lindzen & Michaels aren’t contesting the basic climate physics in their arguments with consensus scientists. They are arguing climatological issues, like sensitivity, clouds and feedback. See their Nov 17, 2010 House subcommittee preliminary testimony here.

    LINDZEN…..”…basic science on which there is greeat agreement…”
    “there is a greenhouse effect – nobody is arguing that”
    “that CO2 is a greenhouse gas – is not argued by anyone I know”

    MICHAELS…..”yes, we have a greenhouse fingerprint”

    ANTHONY’S “PLAUSIBLE SCIENTIFIC DENIABILITY”……….On a ‘science’ blog, in this article, Anthony chooses to be silent about his own beliefs. This may help keep his below-the-line commenters loyal, but it comes at the expense of his outside respectability.

    Anthony gets some credit for this article, and Willis Eschenbach’s previous articles on CO2, but not much. They fit into a WUWT-category of AGW articles that are presented without remarks; not for the edification of the commenters, but for shredding. Like chickens to the crocodiles.

  2. Wow. Just. Wow. The comments are like the befuddled self-congratulatory BS you read on something like an Expanding Earth site. On the level of complaining that ocean spreading is wrong because not all “Mid”-Ocean Ridges are in the “Mid”dle of the ocean.

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