Hypocrisy meter pegged at the New York Times

Hypocrisy meter pegged at the New York Times“. Anthony Watts is outraged that the New York Times is publishing the “Wikileaks” files of State Department cables but didn’t publish the Climategate e-mails. Declarations of “hypocrisy!” are made, which is comical coming from Anthony whose every post is an exercise in deception and hypocrisy. He even has a darling little animated “hypocrisy meter”, so you know he must be right.

Maybe there’s a difference between communications that give “unprecedented insight into the US Government’s foreign activities” and e-mails that don’t in fact reveal anything at all about the science of climatology?

3 thoughts on “Hypocrisy meter pegged at the New York Times

  1. Watts reads the NYT? That’s surprising. And he’s accorded Revkin’s status as that of NYT reporter, rather than the blogger that he is.

    I see the standard of comments on the dismal WUWT site has deteriorated even further in the past few months. Difficult as that may be :)

    PS – Just realised that Watts didn’t read the NYT himself after all. He gives credit to a ‘WUWT reader’ for telling him about the NYT articles on Wikileaks.

    [I guess Anthony needs to protect the purity of his mind… – Ben]

  2. Ben:

    I hope that you keep up your commentary. I saves me a lot time and angst to avoid reading WUWT, because I often end up reading much of the commentary. Good work!

  3. We too can not stand the New York Times :


    [Your blog reads like a parody, but… it isn’t. It’s always interesting when someone feels the need for multiple internet identities, such as “Mongo Bonger” and “From Nola” – Ben]

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