IPCC head Pachauri booted from “Global Thinkers” list

IPCC head Pachauri booted from “Global Thinkers” list. Anthony Watts returns to his obsession with Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Dr. Pachauri’s dropped off a random list of “important people” in Foreign Policy magazine! He was fifth last year! Also, Pachauri wrote a novel that Anthony keeps trying to pretend that his novel is “smutty”. Wow, that’s damning isn’t it?

Who gives a rats ass about a magazine’s online poll about top Global Thinkers? Well, I guess Anthony does.

Psst, a Marxist muslim (aka Democrat President Barak Obama) is #3 on the list and Hilary and Bill Clinton are #13. Denialist gadfly Bjorn Lomberg makes #65, presumably for entertainment value, but he’s 26 places behind the President of the Maldives and 16 places behind environmental scientist Vaclav Smil. Just sayin’.

2 thoughts on “IPCC head Pachauri booted from “Global Thinkers” list

  1. “It’s not just that Pachauri hadn’t been profiting from the help he has given to charities, businesses and institutions, his accounts show that he is scrupulous to the point of self denial.”

    “In other words, he made 45,000 pounds as his salary at TERI, and a maximum of 2,174 pounds in outside earnings.”

    “Amazingly, the accounts also show that Pachauri transferred a lifetime achievement award he was given…200,000 rupees – to TERI. In other words, he did not even keep money to which he was plainly entitled, let alone any money to which he was not.”
    George Monbiot, The Guardian, (26 Aug, 2010)

    He receives no income for being the chairman of the IPCC.

    Maybe he’s off the list as a consequence of the false denier accusation that he’d received a million dollars in improper income. That false accusation that necessitated the above disclosure.

    Maybe he wrote a romance novel because he needs the money.

    [Anthony never looks goo when his claims are considered, in context … – Ben]

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