Pelosi’s Global Warming Panel gets the axe

Pelosi’s Global Warming Panel gets the axe“. Anthony Watts is pleased that the Republicans, now the majority in the US House of Representatives, have axed the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming. The Select Committee was created by the Democrats in 2007.

Not discussing climate change will definitely solve the problem, right Anthony? Excellent Tea Party logic there.

2 thoughts on “Pelosi’s Global Warming Panel gets the axe

  1. Ahh but you see there’s no problem to even discuss! Nor will there be any discussion about whether there is a problem or not.

    If a few more investigations of climate scientists and maybe some more email searching is what it takes to make the problem go away then I’m sure they’ll be happy to make that happen too.

  2. The committee had no real power to begin with. It was a bully pulpit for Waxman.

    How about we take the politics out of science? Its getting to be far too little about science and more about world politics. California is about to go bankrupt and one of the causes is the need to save the world from itself. We are drowning in redtape to become green. Look at it as the canary in the coalmine for the nation (pun intended).

    [Ley me guess; Waxman is a showboat, but Senator Inhofe is just an earnest representative of the people. There is no “politics” in science, just politicians exploiting it for their own purposes. Your “stop doing things!” idea sounds like a real winner. – Ben]

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