News bites: The Green Energy Collapse

News bites: The Green Energy Collapse. Anthony Watts helpfully re=posts the denialist Global Warming Policy Foundation’s curiously one-sided summary of climate “news”, starting with Canada’s own denialist retread Lawrence Solomon.

Apparently government policies aren’t always perfect. Therefore there is no Global Warming. And the UN’s climate conference in Cancun is going to be a failure (it wasn’t).

Poor Anthony. Struggling to claim the mantle of “skeptic” and yet so unskeptical…

1 thought on “News bites: The Green Energy Collapse

  1. So very strange, all I see are financial reports from all
    major manufacturers of alternative renewable energy sources,
    continuing to reinvest funds in order to expand existing plant
    facilities which cannot keep up with rising annual demands far
    exceeding the plants output capacity. They all say business is
    booming, in a relatively stagnant market for many other commodities
    being traded world wide! On wonders, which planet, does the writer
    truly live on, is it Pluto perhaps?

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