A bill for climate data integrity: The Public Access to Historical Records Act

A bill for climate data integrity: The Public Access to Historical Records Act“. Anthony Watts tries his hand at oppressive legislation, having “a small hand” in Republican Senator David Vitter’s Public Access to Historical Records Act. Ooh, the irony!

Senator Vitter is a creationist Tea Party supporter who “received forgiveness from God” for patronizing the “D.C. Madam” (and probably the “Canal Street Madam“). With Anthony’s help he is trying to introduce a bill hoping to show that NASA is manipulating temperature records.

American taxpayers are apparently being forced to spend billions, each year, on climate change research! Gosh that sounds awful, in an unspecific way.

NASA’s temperature records must be open to public scrutiny! Um, NASA has never collected historical temperature records, the NCDC however does collect it. NASA uses the NCDC’s data, their processed data is here.

These historical temperature records must be protected from political agendas! Amen to that, although I don’t trust Vitter to define it honestly.

So Anthony helped write a bill designed to give political appointees authority over the official US temperature record and to force scientists to use only that dataset? Anthony suddenly loves Gubmint and legislated truth! Has Obama the Nigerian crypto-communist got to him? What happened to the independent skeptic we all loved?

Why am I surprised that Anthony would be proudly involved in something so ill-conceived?

3 thoughts on “A bill for climate data integrity: The Public Access to Historical Records Act

  1. Oooh they could officially appoint Anthony Watts to officially oversee the official temperature record! With a couple of billion in funding maybe he could finish the surface stations analysis.

  2. Wow–an official government temperature record controled by political appointees? Almost as good as the notion that “peer-review” is too important to be trusted to scientists.

  3. Preach it! We don’t need those lying scientists with their political agendas! We need oversight by people without political agendas, like politicians!

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