Red Faces At The Met Office

Red Faces At The Met Office. Yes, the UK was in the midst of an unexpected snowstorm just before Christmas 2010, with big impacts on air travel. But Anthony Watts wants you to know that the “Global Warming Policy Foundation” thinks that every weather forecast that isn’t 100% correct is an embarrassment for the UK Met Office. Even more-so for long-term weather projections which are, somehow, politically motivated. They’re easier, right?

Wait, does the expression 20% chance of rain mean something? Or should we be hanging on the pronouncements of an Irish postman? Everyone complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it…

The “Global Warming Policy Foundation” is just taking cheap potshots at and misrepresenting a professional service that deals in a field where pinpoint accuracy is nearly impossible. Dirty pool.

Want some science with that? Try Real Climate’s discussion of this never-ending denialist talking point.

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