Piers Corbyn goes global cooling

Piers Corbyn goes global cooling. Unreliable, vague and attention-seeking British weather forecaster Piers Corbyn was welcomed onto Fox News’ Fox and Friends morning show on December 27th, where he took potshots Global Warming “cultists”. Yeah Fox Network!

So what is his secret “Solar Weather Technique”?

5 thoughts on “Piers Corbyn goes global cooling

  1. I was curious about this guy last week so I started googling him for info. He’s got plenty of vocal critics. One of the more interesting blogs I found was discussing his 2008 prediction that by 2010 the earth would be exhibiting ice-age cooling.

    That prediction didn’t work out too well, did it?

    What a crack pot…

  2. “So what is his secret “Solar Weather Technique”?”

    Fudge and fiddle. You make a forecast – fill it with words like ‘deluges’ and record’. It’s ‘right’ if something like what you predicted happens within a few day of the time and less than a continent away.


  3. “So what is his secret “Solar Weather Technique”?”

    You have to keep up, it’s the “Solar-Lunar Action Technique” (SLAT) now:

    “WeatherAction long-range forecasts are produced using Piers Corbyn’s Solar Lunar Action Technique (which now supersedes his Solar Weather Technique) which is the most advanced and reliable long-range forecasting system in the world.

    The technique uses predictable aspects of solar activity – particle and magnetic effects from the Sun – and lunar modulations as the basis for forecasting weather many months and even years in advance. The essence of the technique is explained in scientific presentations (see News Archive).” – weatheraction.com

    Apparently his astrological predictions are even more reliable and *skilled* when he takes into account the Moon as well as the Sun. Eventually, he’ll be able to integrate the stars into his algorithms and be able to predict the weather on other planets, even ones that don’t yet exist. Can the Warmist CO2 Meteorological elite do that??!! I didn’t think so!

  4. Hi Im just getting an ad, not the Fox clip.

    Now Im curious, is Piers Corbyn a Doctor or not? He is often attibuted as a doctor, but I cant find him making that claim directly. Ive emailed to ask him and he hasnt replied.

  5. Its funny how people take a single thing someone has done and disregard all else.. so far with all the Trillion’s of dollars spent on it.. 96.7 percent of all Global Warming Scientific Experiment’s ( Forecast’s ) have been wrong. This is a fact that no one is disputing Science is experiment that all whom follow can replicate the same result.. Solar magnetic with lunar modulation is cause and effect basic’s, and has given great insight to the causes of weather variation’s. When you recognise something has effect you ad this to your calculation’s and Dogmatic circular thinking is expunged. We have to stop the Spanish Inquisition on new idea’s. When u see the evidence on why solar/lunar magnetics leads to SSW you begin to question vague co2 caused it polemic

    [Dumbest comment here in a long time. There are no climate “Forecast’s”. The vague “solar/lunar magnetics” idea is complete fantasy that has zero connection to observed climate trends. Give me one credible example of it! Examine your own wishful circular thinking. – Ben]

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