January News

A short bit of news about me. After all I’m doing this to steal attention from the esteemed Anthony Watts, aren’t I? So why not preen myself in front of the mirror for a moment. Well, that’s a common theme of the criticisms I receive…

I’ve been knocked out by a variety of colds for the last few weeks, with just a short interlude that let me enjoy a family Christmas. This has naturally impeded my “obsession” with Sir Anthony. I’m still focusing on catching up, and I have to say it’s very entertaining to look back at all the howling about winter weather on Watts Up With That over the Christmas period. Anthony’s Christmas Guest authors are also proving a reliably enthusiastic collection of myopic loose nuts.

Thanks for the support you readers have given me, and in particular for the tips that are starting to help me tame the fire-hose of misinformation that Anthony likes to tout as “voted Best Science Blog (of 2008)”.

3 thoughts on “January News

  1. Hope the entertainment distracts from the sniffling and coughing. Take care. (Forget the vitamin C. Whisky and lemon is a lot more fun.)

  2. KUTGW. Comments over on WUWT atm are, if anything, so bonkers I’m wondering if they’re computer generated or parodies and exaggerations that the mods, bless their ABCD blinkers, don’t notice. Or are there really people out there who think some of the nonsense I read there?

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