Craven Attention: The Sequel

Craven Attention: The Sequel. Steven Mosher makes a funny joke about a name! Hee hee.

So Michael Oppenheimer delivered the American Geophysical Union’s 2010 Stephen Schneider Global Environmental Change Lecture on the topic of “Scientists, Expert Judgement and Public Policy” which, surprise, denialists twisted as encouraging scientists to lie if they felt it was justified.

In the panel discussion afterward, environmental activist Greg Craven, who had spoken passionately to the scientists earlier in the day, asked a lot of questions. Steven Mosher wrote a deprecating report of the discussion, characterizing Greg’s contribution as an even more emphatic urging of scientists to say whatever they felt would achieve their presumably noble goals.

Mosher’s “Craven Attention: The Sequel” post is attempt to turn a semi-apology for misrepresenting Greg’s statements into a new attack. It turns out Mosher was offering a “synopsis” of the “aftertaste” of Greg’s position, not his actual statements. Well no problem, right?


For those who haven’t seen it, Greg Craven’s “The Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See” is on his website or YouTube.


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