It’s such a cold December: 2010 ends on a chilly note where people live

It’s such a cold December: 2010 ends on a chilly note where people live. Another Guest Post for Anthony Watts, by Ryan Maue, once again proving that there is no Global Warming. Did you know that December 2010 was cold in some places? It’s the final nail in the coffin the Global Warming myth!

However Ryan’s not going to talk about the inconvenient fact that the full year was actually rather hot until the “government temperature keepers” release their analyses. Nice side-stepping!

Instead we get a simplistic series of excuses:

  1. Mutterings about weather fluctuations.
  2. Invocation of “regional variation”.
  3. Casual dismissal of the places where there happens to be the most warmth (Ryan actually says, with an apparently straight face, that “You’ll hear a lot about the historically warm Arctic, but who cares at this point, no one lives there and it is still plenty cold.”).
  4. Allusions to governmental conspiracies (“It’s a foregone conclusion that the official government data from whatever nation or agency will show that 2010 was the hottest year ever.  It just has to be that way“).
  5. An attempt to minimize the factual record 2010 temperature by suggesting that it’s only slightly record-breaking.

So for Global Warming to be true the evidence has to be homogenous, continuous, and in large steps? How scientific.

3 thoughts on “It’s such a cold December: 2010 ends on a chilly note where people live

  1. It is worth recording/bookmarking every claim skeptics make on the matter of “global warming has stopped/ the world is now cooling” for reference now in order to be more easily able to hold them to account later when it becomes unambiguous that warming has continued past 1998 and the 00s. I suspect we are talking less than three years until this becomes so.

    In poker terms now is the time to push all in to reap the profit, as there is some real traction to be gained by the fact that skeptics have taken such a contrary (and misguided) stance on the matter and put themselves into such a prone position. They are going to fall hard and continued warming will make for a very nice “falsifiable prediction” of AGW that unexpectedly (for the skeptics) passed.

    But that reward can only be harvested if skeptics are held accountable for their prior claims on the matter. If we drop the ball they will be able to switch back to the “noone denies the world is warming, just that humans aren’t the cause” line as if they expected warming would continue all along.

    So bookmark/note and even draw the skeptics out to make their claims about “coming cooling” or “lack of warming” more clearly.

    Just my 5c

    [Rescued from the spam queue. My god, what a job that would be! Somethings are best left to Google, and perhaps the Wayback Machine for cases like Sarah Palin’s recent website scrubbing in the wake of Jared Loughner’s killing spree. – Ben]

  2. At least Maue understands meteorology and some of climate.
    He also certainly understands baseless invective. However, amateur
    hour at WUWT was so brooooootal. Semi-pro is a welcome

  3. “but who cares at this point, no one lives there and it is still plenty cold.” Aaargh. Do the readers at WUWT actually accept this kind of logic? They deserve what they get. Unfortunately, we’re also going to get what they get.

    [A certain intellectual bankruptcy, n’est-ce pas? – Ben]

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