Naked bodies and a new Messiah

Naked bodies and a new Messiah. Robert Zimmerman posts a guest entry on the Spiegel Online article Green Groups Try to Sex Up Climate Change. Apparently, environmentalists are trying to capture the public’s attention.

From the Spiegel Online article:

A survey of 13,000 people in 18 countries, presented by German international public broadcaster Deutsche Welle at the Global Media Forum in Bonn in June, suggests that ordinary citizens are less interested in climate change than was previously thought. The survey showed, for example, that only one in three Dutch people are concerned about climate change — even though the Netherlands is considered especially at risk from rising sea levels.

From Zimmerman’s comment:

Every tactic outlined in the article above is either a superficial public relations stunt or an effort to spin facts so emotionally that the general public will be mesmerized into doing whatever the global warming activists want.

Such denialist self-pity! It has been precisely the success of the denialist and conservative punditry’s shouting and deception that drove me to create this website. They have done an excellent job of confusing, distracting and fatiguing the public.

Denialists taken those primitive efforts of the tobacco, acid rain and ozone apologists and perfected them. Congratulations, you’ve sown ignorance moved the debate backwards.

It’s hard not to conclude that well-organized high-profile climate change deniers such as Watts, sundry conservative pundits and think tanks and even Tea Party Republicans understand that we are seeing the early signs of global warming – rising temperatures, increased snowfall, extreme weather, etc. They’re just more interested in holding back public opinion to protect their political interests.

The environmentalist campaigns highlighted in the Spiegel Online article show a far lower level of organization for the battle of public opinion. What happened to the global conspiracy taking orders from Maurice Strong and Al Gore?

The planet may not be so easily manipulated.

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