Zeroed out: NOAA Climate Service funding axed in budget CR

Zeroed out: NOAA Climate Service funding axed in budget CR. Anthony Watts and his readers gloat over successful Republican maneuvering to cut funding to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s new Climate Service. Funny, until they managed to grasp the levers of power the denialists chorus sang constantly of the need for more and better information. This of course required prolonged waiting.

Suddenly, ignorance is again bliss.

Next up, those communists at the EPA. How dare they tell us what’s safe? If we want lead in our drinking water and gasoline, or prefer to chew our air, we’ll do it! It’s how we raise new Republican voters.

4 thoughts on “Zeroed out: NOAA Climate Service funding axed in budget CR

  1. *toss*

    Heads: The data just isn’t good enough! We need more and better thermometers! More satellites! Multiple teams checking each others work! Data archived and available forever! No commercial agreements hindering access! Online daily results with no errors!


    Tails: This is all too expensive! Defund it now and do nothing!

    [Hey, you’re good at that! – Ben]

  2. “Climate change observations will continue under the NOAA, they just won’t call it the “Climate Service.” It’s quite important that they continue this research. These institutions are not going to roll over to a group of anti-science politicians, I’m sorry.” -Brian

    One sane comment between two deliberates edits of the inconvenient truth sandwiched between fifty three HBGary spam bot replies. Anthony is losing touch with reality, or so it would appear!

    [Link added. I love this response further down by DesertYote: “I’m sorry but you lefty criminals who have high-jacked science to serve an anti-human Marxist master are the enemy of science, not those smart enough to be on to the scam.” Good thing I wasn’t playing a drinking game… – Ben]

  3. Good to see you back in the fray, Ben!

    I knew the lack of comment from you was most definitely not due to ol’ Quackery Watts going all sensible and informed on his copy’n’paste “blog”.

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