I’ll traveling for a few days, taking part in the Boston Marathon. See you soon!

I’ll be toward the front of the second wave, so don’t look for me on any podiums. Also because I don’t want to give nose-tweaking denialist comedians any opportunity to criticize me I will be minimizing my CO2 output by holding my breath for the entire race.

2 thoughts on “Traveling

  1. Gee Ben – could you take Anthony along? He sure could do with a work-out. And anyway he must be used to coming last.

    [I can just imagine the flop sweat pouring off of him. – Ben]

  2. The desperation to discredit Jim Hansen is palpable.

    They can’t lay a glove on his science, natch, so have to make do with ‘falsifying’ the recollection of an off-the-cuff illustration made in 1988 by Hansen to a journalist.

    No I am not making this up

    Even the fact that the journalist (Reiss) made a slip of the memory and halved the period of the prediction does not detract from the cause. I posted this a few hours ago, yet so far the site that does not censor has not seen fit to publish …

    Some might say a ‘falsifying’ a prediction for 2028 in 2011 is a tad premature. But no matter.

    Some might just remark that such effort discrediting an ad-hoc off the cuff illustration is an unusual use of time. Here’s a longer quote from Reiss:

    When I interviewed James Hansen I asked him to speculate on what the view outside his office window could look like in 40 years with doubled CO2. I’d been trying to think of a way to discuss the greenhouse effect in a way that would make sense to average readers. I wasn’t asking for hard scientific studies. It wasn’t an academic interview. It was a discussion with a kind and thoughtful man who answered the question.

    Still, at least we know that the ‘prediction’ cannot come true, thanks to Willis’s diligence with Google Earth. After all the highway Hansen predicted would be submerged is still high and dry ….

    … but is it the same road? There is the small matter of the road in question having been rebuilt…

    Soon after the collapse of the elevated highway [in 1973], a temporary roadway was hastily constructed along West Street and 12th Avenue. For a quarter-century after the collapse, this temporary highway served as the primary north-south highway on the West Side of Manhattan.

    Now I don’t know the elevation of that road, which was itself replaced in 2001, but it appears it was flooded in the storms of 1992, submerging 50+ cars whose drivers required rescue by scuba-divers …..

    That scraping sound you hear is the bottom of the barrel … …

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