Western snow pack is well above normal, Squaw Valley sets new all time snow record

Western snow pack is well above normal, Squaw Valley sets new all time snow record” (May 18, 2011). Anthony Watts returns to his habit of noting “Snow! Somewhere!“, in this case in the Western US where it turns out there is a lot of snow this spring:

All of the western states have snowpacks that are currently 110 to over 180 percent above normal with the exception of southern Colorado!!!!!!! [OK, the exclamation marks are my addition]

Thus disproving global warming forever and showing that those climate scientists were damn liars when they said that snowpack would decline because of global warming and cause terrible water shortages. (Which raises the question: can we really trust anything the government says? Maybe this snowpack data is a trick too!)

These posts are Anthony’s way of deceiving dim-wits who fail to realise that:

  • Climate change is not a uniform and linear global transition.
  • This is a very small cherry-picked region of the Earth that happens to match Anthony’s agenda.
  • Anthony’s trying to refute long-term predictions by drawing attention to short-term variation. (Hence his preëmptive admission that his post is from the “weather is not climate” department.)
  • Increased evaporation over oceans due to the warmer temperatures results in increased precipitation over land.
  • In a warmer world it’s less frequently too cold to snow (look up relative humidity).
  • Anthony is quoting newspaper articles of “alarmist” warnings about declining snowpack, not the published science.
  • Bet you can add a few more yourself.

Funny how taking a step back is always so fatal to Anthony's arguments.

3 thoughts on “Western snow pack is well above normal, Squaw Valley sets new all time snow record

  1. So, any cynic would say of this cherry-picked orchard propaganda piece by Anthony! The locals in Squaw Valley, should be back in the real world preparing themselves now, for a double combination of multiple destructive thaw avalanches and a 100/500 year event lowland flood in the coming spring thaw!

    Well, when all that extra snow melts, it can only flow down hill.

  2. I know Americans talk funny, but doesn’t he mean 10 to 80 percent above normal? (Where normal is the 1979 – 2000 average).

    [That’s right, “100%!!!” means… normal. Anthony’s inflating the number in an “alarming” manner. I can never figure out if Anthony’s just too stupid to think this kind of thing through or counts on his reader’s innumeracy. – Ben]

  3. Richard/Ben sorry, your criticism of Watts use of 110 – 180 percent is a boo boo by you.

    Read the graph key from the map he used from NRCS:

    The color key values are 110- 130 150 180 percent.

    Look like you guys are the stoopid ones.

    [Anthony says “currently 110 to over 180 percent above normal” (emphasis mine), the chart compares against “normal”. Who’s stoopid now? – Ben]

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