New commenting features on WUWT

New commenting features on WUWT” (June 12th, 2011). Comment posting at Anthony Watts’ WordPress blog has changed and people are pissed off, but it’s not his fault:

“I have no control over this, implemented it across the board.”

Funny how Anthony didn’t cut Joe Romm at Climate Progress any slack over his website back-end changes a week ago. Luckily for Anthony, existing comments haven’t been affected. That would have been ironic…

9 thoughts on “New commenting features on WUWT

  1. One poster there wrote:
    “…I think that inviting Facebook and Twitter crowds to these forums changes their nature fundamentally and undermines serious discussion.”

    If that’s not the height of presumptive irony, I don’t know what is. lol

    As for the changes, I am glad I can still use a WordPress account easily without having to log off of Facebook. This really isn’t an inconvenience. (The setup at Climate Progress is).

  2. The set-up at Climate Progress?

    I find it distinctly ironic that ThinkProgress has gone for a facebook-based system. They claim to have a certain social view about political and corporate responsibilities – and they want their readers and commenters to use one of the most irresponsible corporate entities around.


    [Too much corporate leveraging going on… – Ben]

  3. Anyone noticed Watts’s spin on Phil Jones announcing warming since 1995 is now significant? Apparently this means Phil Jones has “changed his mind” and done a u turn.

    [Spin, spin, spin! :-) – Ben]

  4. “Bastardi on learning from the past” (WUWT,Jun28,2011)

    Joe Bastardi publishes a column on a community website at Penn State. I didn’t understand why skeptic commenters greatly outnumbered the only AGW commenter, until the two comments that I then made were removed.


    Joe Bastardi mentions increasing temperatures before 1950, which was a time of increasing Total Solar Irradiance. After that the TSI stopped increasing. And yet global temperatures started to climb again after 1975, due to CO2’s Greenhouse Effect.

    It is very surprising to see a weatherman comparing tornado fatality figures…with warnings, to those without warnings…in both time (US before 1953 vs present) and in place (US vs Bangladesh,etc).

    From his own link listing the “deadliest tornadoes in world history”, besides Bangladesh: “Most of the rest occurred in the United States in 1953 or earlier, before tornado prediction efforts began in earnest.”


    Also. Joe Bastardi chooses to argue a global situation from a regional perspective. The United States is less than 2% of the earth’s surface.

    On a college campus, nationalism is a consideration in the study of history, but not of climate.

    And, note that the average global temperature in 1934 (the US’s worst drought year) was the same as in 1975, before the CO2 Greenhouse Effect temperature increases had begun. Which suggests that at today’s higher temperatures, the drought potential might be even higher.

  5. CONTINUING…………………….Now my two comments are back up again, and interspersed with others that weren’t there before.

    I’ve lost the opportunity to respond promptly to those who responded to my comment. But that is an unlikely reason for removing my comments.


    [Delaying a comment’s appearance is a great way to minimize it’s impact while avoiding addressing it. It’s a sign of intellectual defeat. – Ben]

  6. Reintroducing the Inquisition. We must turn to heavenly guidance if and when the science comes up with unpleasant facts.


    I think the Royal Met, with its history going back to Buys-Ballot, are still too flabbergasted to respond.

    [Strangely, comment 691002 doesn’t appear at Watts Up… Maybe you can copy it here. I love the assertion that “Eighty percent of the scientists of the KNMI are honest”. Repression and slander comes so easily to denialists – Ben]

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