Fly your flag

Fly your flag (July 4th, 2011). Sez Anthony Watts, hand on his steadfast heart, in his endearing mangled way; “As always, I always put up a reminder for Americans to fly your flag on national holidays that are honoring our nation and those who served.”

Sez I and Samuel Johnson; patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. If something isn’t worth doing for its own merit, why is it worth doing at all? “Patriotism” that rejects fellow citizens or bolsters a political position is self-serving and destructive.

At least this year Anthony didn’t infer that climate scientists are traitors.

Anthony also reveals a vulnerable side. He has the cutest little electric car and that he hasn’t the heart to dislodge a barn swallow nest. Bullies always want you to know that they’re really misunderstood softies.

20 thoughts on “Fly your flag

  1. How much revenue does his blog generate I wonder. Each unique page carries an advert.

    [An interesting question! My blog generates exactly $0.00/month as the adverts that appear are inserted by WordPress for their own monetization, but Anthony seems to work it pretty hard. His “tip jar” is another interesting source of anonymous revenue. – Ben]

  2. Reverse Poe’s Law? Gavin’s Borehole Logic

    [Like your take on it. I guess “Ecotretas” and Anthony think their shrill rants should be given respect at RealClimate, not deleted as redundant noise or moved to the idiot’s corner. Please! Drowning out rational discussion with a barrage of falsehoods, mostly long debunked, is their entire purpose. Their backup tactic is to claim victimhood. I’ll have to cover this post soon… – Ben]

  3. Actually Ben, I saw some very good news, on July 14th, Anthony Watts advised his very small band loyal followers a message or declaration of tiredness in writing science fiction.

    He announced unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond his control and his alternate real income earning business interests, he must take a hiatus or leave of absence from the onerous task of blog churnalism and science fiction mathturbations about his personal opinion or Dunning-Kruger version of “Climate Science”.

    An old American Native Indian, or first nation proverb comes to mind, when I read his announcement of possible semi-retirement from blog churnalism :- “We will be known forever by the tracks we leave.”

    [More likely this is just a signal that he’ll let the “guest writers” go even wilder than usual. Or a ‘subtle’ solicitation for donations. It must get to him though – telling the same lies over and over again, never actually saying anything worthwhile or intelligent. Still, a moment without shrieking distractions is very welcome! – Ben]

  4. None of this seems to be much about science, but, rather, just snide — and scientifically irrelevant — comments about Watts by a handful of friends.

    I would appreciate some content here I’m a new reader, but not finding these recent posts or comments enlightening. Rather like junior high personal “slam pads.” ……Lady in Red

    [Really? Since you appear to be an ongoing commenter at denialist sites such as Watts Up, and the Air Vent I’ll have to presume you’re being a tad disingenuous. We highlight Anthony Watts’ scientific deceptions and partisan posturing here. Sorry if you don’t like it. – Ben]

    • Judith Curry lost any credibility when she sat done with the conspiracy nuts at the last Republican session on how to protect the Fossil fuel industry.

      Australia is showing a real affinity to the fruit loop fringe at the moment, with over 60% disagreeing with the ‘left’s’ carbon tax, the bizarre thing is that the alternative plan, proposed by the ‘right’, is more expensive per family, is a command economy design, rejected by all experts, involves the ludicrous idea of planting trees over an area equivalent of 2 Germany’s, strange days indeed.

      I think there is a sub plot, the ‘right’ is the Climate change denial party that says it accepts AGW… ‘cough..bullshit’, the media goes easy on their crap, so as not to burn any political access bridges, 60% of general population realises that the right’s Climate policies are pure window dressing and will evaporate soon as they get power, there will be nothing to pay, things can go on in a denialist fantasy and Climate change is too hard to think about any way.

      Australians used too have around 60% support for action on Climate change, propoganda is still effective.

  5. Wow! This is *very* convincing, scientifically. /sarc/

    I think I understand where the hyperbolic nuts are and I won’t bother you again.

    Good luck with your arguments educating the world’s populations. …..Lady in Red

    [So… declaring victory as you slink away? Sounds right. – Ben]

    • One minute they are complaining people won’t debate them, that people are censoring them and then they vanish. They really should be in a zoo, then they can’t vanish and people can take their kids to see the various different strains: the angry ‘journalist’ ie Delingpole, Bolt, the Sodden Geologist: Plimer, Carter, the slightly twitchy (don’t mention roids) weather man Bastardi, the greater nesting weatherman, Watts, the wacky loon: Motl, Monkton and the Larouche flock and then there is the finest breed, the struttin cock: Lindzen and Spencer.

  6. I wouldn’t slink away. smile…. I was just looking for some information, content.

    I just watched this interesting hour exchange, the first time [Riiiiight. – Ben] I’ve heard Lord Mocnkton. Perhaps you/your readers would be interested?

    (Note correct spelling of his name. [Err… Nope. – Ben]) ….Lady in Red

    [You are one lame-ass troll. Monkey wins, huh? Try the amused comments at this link from yesterday for some reality: Background Briefing on Monckton. Or this one: House of Lords open letter to Monckton: you are not a member! Bringing your peanut (brain) gallery to hoot and holler at a debate hardly counts as a scientific or logic “win”. – Ben]

    • ..did anybody ask him about his AIDS cure?

      For more stupid, there is this, from Australia’s likely next PM, on calculating Emissions:

      ‘’It’s actually pretty hard to do this because carbon dioxide is invisible and it’s weightless and you can’t smell it.’’

      [Which is why farts are so much better understood in certain Galilean circles. – Ben]

  7. Hmmmm….. “….lame-ass troll…?” “…peanut (brain) gallery….?”

    Is this supposed to convince the unaligned?

    What do your links have to do with Monckton’s arguments vis a vis climate science? (BTW, he does deal with the House of Lords
    “issue” in the debate. Damned if I know….. damned if I care.”

    So. I am looking for information and you start calling names. OK, yet again: I get it! Your “side” is quite uncivil. Moreover — and most importantly — there is *nothing* about science on this entire site: it’s just a screed against people who think other than you do. ….which, I might add, is NOT a strong foundation for building a case about science.

    Whining that Monckton isn’t “really” a member of the House of Lords! What does that have to do with the number of peas in the can? …..Lady in Red

    [What lame play acting! You arrive here moments after each denialist event claiming to be an innocent knowledge-seeker startled by our incivility, and yet you chant from the denialist song book like a seasoned performer. Perhaps you hope casual readers will foolishly take you at face value. Time to consign you to the dull idiot category. – Ben]

  8. C’est bien.

    I go, gladly.

    That you would deny the worth of Judith Curry and highlight a silly dispute about Monckton’s status in the House of Lords as having something to do with the science of climate speaks…..

    I wish you well. …..Lady in Red

    PS: I didn’t get the fart joke, fyi. Obviously, I’m not “up” to the level of the discourse.

    [What, you’ll even pretend that you don’t get a fart joke? There truly is no hope for you. – Ben]

  9. Great to see the profs starting to wisen up, putting diplomacy aside and setting the denialist liars straight where they are. Liars. Enjoyed the job done in this thread, Ben.

    Dare say Australia’s likely next PM already died from asphyxiation, air being invisible, weightless and usually unsmelly. Unless he put his nose up somewhere no sun shines (fortunately some ladies won’t ever understand this kind of text).

  10. Sorry to pop up here again, but, knowing that you are concerned about Lord Monckton’s status in the House of Lords, I thought that you might find this of interest:

    Richard S Courtney says:
    July 22, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    Brendan H:

    In the probably forlorn hope that this will stop you and others waving the Red Herring concerning Lord Monckton’s status, I provide you with the following information.

    The UK is a Constitutional Monarchy with all rights invested in the Crown and the monarch shares thos rights with the people and with Parliament. The monarch wears the Crown.

    All peerages are gifts of the Crown. And the Crown is the supreme authority of the State. Hence, a peerage cannot be invested and cannot be revoked by any person, or any persons, or any body, or any institution except the Crown.

    It matters not one jot what any individual or instituion (including Parliament) says about the status of a peerage. Only the Crown can give or take away the status of a peerage.

    There are two forms of Peerage: viz. the Lords Temporal and the Lords Secular.

    The Lords Secular are of two types: viz. heriditary and life.

    A life peerage ceases when the person invested with it dies.
    When a person with an heriditary peerage dies then that peerage is inherited by the eldest son of the deceased.

    Lord Monckton (who happens to be a friend of mine) is a Viscount and he inherited this peerage from his late father.

    The House of Lords is the assembly of all the Lords Temporal and Secular, and it forms the Upper House of Parliament.
    Hence, all those – including Lord Monckton – who have a peerage are Members of the House of Lords.

    In 1999 both Houses of Parliament agreed that only 92 of the heriditary Lords would be allowed to sit and vote in the House of Lords. (This was brokered on behalf of Tony Blair, then PM, by Paddy Tipping, then MP for Nottingham Sherwood, who happens to be a friend of mine.) Those 92 would be elected from among their fellow heriditary Lords. The crown gave the Royal Assent to this agreement. But that Assent did not repeal the peerages and/or any other rights of any heriditary peers.

    Hence, those heriditary peers who are not elected to sit and vote in the House of Lords remain as being Lords of the Realm and Members of the House of Lords. Lord Monckton is one of these. And if you want to dispute that he is one of these then petition HM Queen Elizabeth II because she wears the Crown so only she can change it.

    Those are the facts of the matter with which you have tried to disrupt this thread. And they have no relevance to the subject of this thread SO LET THAT BE AN END TO THE MATTER.

    [The issue is that Viscount Monkey is trying to pretend he has authority that he most certainly does not have. His link to the House of Lords is entirely without power or merit and his “crest” is a deliberate imitation of the seal of the House of Lords, which he has been repeatedly told not to use. Similarly, he claims to be an “expert” on climate science when his only credentials are in classic literature.

    What is he an expert in? Fast talking and conning rubes. – Ben]

    • More denialist misdirection and claptrap from LiR. The House of Lords know who their members are. I understand you might find that confusing. The House of Lords state that the potty peer is NOT a member.

  11. Apparently Mocnkton could be sent to prison for his false claims, he could be a Martyr for the cause, I can just imagine the exploding blogs when Lord fancy pants is carted off, imprisoned by the Communist Fascist world Government to silence his heroic fight against reality.

  12. Hmmmmmmmm. How interesting!

    Apparently, *someone* has lifted and is using my monicker.


    I have never heard of Richard S. Courtney……

    ….and I think Monckton is rather William Buckley-esque and fun to watch. (I like smart, plus wit.) ……Lady in Red

    PS: Who do you suppose is pretending to be me?

    [I have no explanation for pretending to be someone as unthinkingly derivative as you. Courtney is just another libertarian coal/oil industry hack. I think William Buckley would be turning in his grave at your comparing Monckton to him though. Monckton is a repetitive liar whose talent is merely to say as many inflammatory things as fast as possible. Quite pathetic when considered in isolation. Buckley certainly never tried to falsely pass himself off as a scientist. – Ben]

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