ATI press release on the Mann UVA emails

ATI press release on the Mann UVA emails” (2011-08-27). Funny. You’d think that Anthony Watts would report the conclusions of the National Science Foundation Inspector General’s investigation into the accusation that climatologist, and denialist flash-point, Dr. Michael Mann falsified his data when he “created” the famous “hockey stick” historical temperature chart.

Instead Anthony offers the American Tradition Institute’s op-ed whining (italics mine).

The University of Virginia has joined a list of institutions claiming that there has been an actual inquiry into, and even ‘exoneration’ of, scientists exposed by the November 2009 “ClimateGate” leak, while simultaneously through its actions making a mockery of the idea.

Spoiler for you impatient types who can’t be bothered reading (or are trying to ignore) the National Tradition Science Foundation’s PDF:

We found no basis to conclude that the [Climategate] emails were evidence of research misconduct or that they pointed to such evidence.


There is no specific evidence that [Mann] falsified or fabricated any data and no evidence that his actions amounted to research misconduct.

Funny as in slapstick. Funny as in a bungled magician’s trick.

7 thoughts on “ATI press release on the Mann UVA emails

  1. Sadly the incoherent ones, all living in denial fantasy land, just won’t give up on the fact, that so far Prof. Michael Mann, has been victorious in every battle and is now totally flameproof, despite their B.E.S.T. efforts, to muller the waters.

    The denial industry pseudo junk science bloggers, are very unhappy and are all bitter at the taste of total defeat, as shown here: Black Knight to be Micheal Mann’s next test

    Cue Monty Python’s Black Knight Scene

  2. Mr Obama was awarded the Noble Peace Prize. But does any body seriously consider him to be a peaceful president? What peace had he brought? What peace has he brung? What peace is he going to bring?

    Oh well, he does not actually have to create any peace, he can even start new wars, just so long as he holds that Prize we must call him a peaceful president. No. Be quiet. Don’t mention the wars. He holds the peace prize therefore he is, by definition, Peace Full. I won’t hear any more about it damn it! He is Peace Full. Look, they say he is. Okay. So he is. If you say otherwise you are mad. Despite the wars. They say he is peaceful. So, silence!

    Rubber Stamps are Rubber Stamps.

    All of the ClimateGate emails can be found here.

    Let’s re-live some of those classics in no particular order.

    “If they ever hear there is a Freedom of Information Act now in the United Kingdom, I think I’ll delete the file rather than send it to anyone.”

    “I’ve just completed Mike’s Nature trick … to hide the decline.”


    This is for YOUR EYES ONLY. Delete after reading—please! …
    PLEASE DELETE—just for you, not even for Ray Bradley and Malcolm Hughes.”

    [Classic indeed. Classic out of context quote mining. – Ben]

    • All of the context can be read from the link which contains all of the emails which were released. Did you read all of the emails Ben?

      [Now why would I want to waste brain cells visiting a website called “Assassination Science”? OK, I went there and found a crap load of conspiracy theories including the moon landing, 9/11 and of course an enormous collection of Kennedy assassination conspiracy claims. Truly perfect company for “climategate” cranks. Ben]

      • The reason to visit the website is because it provides all of the emails

        and an intelligent commentary

        The link is provided so that you can read all of the Climate Gate emails. Any other stuff on that website is irrelevant to this discussion. You say you visited the site and looked at something to do with the moon landing, and 9/11 and JFK related material! Why did you do that or even mention it?!

        But anyhow, did you read all of the ClimateGate emails (i.e. the subject of my comment and reason I posted the link!)? If you are going to claim that there is nothing in them, you ought to at least read all of them. No?

        [You had it right on the last word: “No”. “Climategate” nestles quite snugly with the other feverishly clung to lunacies.- Ben]

      • Odd idea of yours there Chris: why should Ben have to read all of the stolen e-mails? Surely you have and have quoted the ones that you found the most interesting, therefore the rest are of no interest.

  3. “Odd idea of yours there Chris: why should Ben have to read all of the stolen e-mails? Surely you have and have quoted the ones that you found the most interesting, therefore the rest are of no interest.”

    Not all Turboblocke. There are too many emails to post here. Ben is worried about the context of the emails. Which is why he ought to read all of them – so that he can understand the context.

    [So… you were in a coma for the last eighteen months? – Ben]

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