Hansen rakes it in

Hansen rakes it in” (2011-10-04). A braying Republican lobbyist, Christopher Horner from the “American Tradition Institute”, has discovered that NASA scientist Dr. James Hansen is getting money from people! Why, he’s a “millionaire bureaucrat”! Anthony Watts is naturally all-in with the dumpster-diving. The ATI is busy harassing NASA left, right, and center (although naturally mostly “right”) for their scientific activities with various lawsuits. I guess that’s the their idea of ‘tradition’.

God forbid that a renowned scientist should receive awards and speaking invitations for his research and his expert knowledge, that’s reserved for people like Christopher Horner. Since the money all flows in, somehow, as a result of his “taxpayer-funded employment” he is clearly an indentured servant who needs his chains tightened just a tiny bit.

Funny how just a few days ago Anthony was again trying to claim the high ground with his “heartfelt” post about how nasty the phrase “denialist” is, especially when used by the Skeptical Science website (which he subtly reminds his readers has sometimes been abbreviated to “SS”). To prove his sincerely Anthony spent a whole hour changing his “Al Gore is an idiot” tags to just “Al Gore”. Now here he is giving two thumbs up to personal attacks by a partisan operative.

8 thoughts on “Hansen rakes it in

  1. The “can’t we all just get along” stuff just seems to be a way of pretending that:

    1. They’re only nasty because the other side is even nastier (and evil/corrupt too naturally)
    2. They’re sitting on the moral high ground and don’t really revel calling working scientists criminals that love to murder poor people in developed countries (which they care about very very deeply unlike the evil corrupt criminal environmentalists)

    When all you’ve got is “FOI reveals scientist won public award that everyone knew about already” you have to work hard to make hay out of that.

  2. “Some of the loudest, most proudly ignorant guessing in the world is going on in Washington today. Our leaders are sick of all the solid information that has been dumped on humanity by research and scholarship and investigative reporting. They think that the whole country is sick of it, and they could be right. It isn’t the gold standard that they want to put us back on. They want something even more basic. They want to put us back on the snake-oil standard.” (A Man Without A Country) – Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

  3. Weren’t these idiots saying the same thing about Hansen last year?

    Actually T.Watt recycling may be a sign of environmental awareness yet to come. After all Scrooge saw what was yet to come.

  4. The more Watts posts such crap the better, as it reveals his true nature, a jealous man bereft of any actual scientific grounds for criticism.

    Curry must be feeling pretty dumb for giving him time, but then I think she is dumb for being sucked in by concern trolls.

    • Ben, this page needs a thumbs up thingy. I couldn’t agree more with criminogenic

      [Your wish is my command! – Ben]

      • Dammit. How did that happen? Moments after I post, the thumbs magically appear. You might as well delete my comment from the moderation queue.

        [Sometimes I’m too responsive to reader feedback! – Ben]

  5. The thread with the orgy of racist terms (“it’s okay if I remember it and publicly retell it, that wouldn’t hurt anybody”) and overt nostalgia for racist terms is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen on the Internet. It is absolutely vile.

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