High level clouds and surface temperature

High level clouds and surface temperature (2011-10-06). Anthony Watts thinks that winemaker Erl Happ is S-M-R-T, so he posts his long explanation of why global warming, which isn’t happening, is all because of clouds.

Although tamino has a different opinion of Erl’s science, I’ll just say that I think Erl’s complete quotation of Wordsworth’s poem is the most convincing, and useful, part of his argument.


1 thought on “High level clouds and surface temperature

  1. LOL Factor, Stu N. @Tamino noticed comment three from the master Anthony Watts:- “Erl, I’m going to have to disagree with you on the clouds you’ve circled in my company’s satellite images. This are IR images, not visible light, and they are low level based on their brightness, not high level,”

    From Tamino :- “The NCEP reanalysis data set is the output of computer models which take as input a vast array of meteorological data, including temperature, pressure, wind speed and direction, and many others, and simulate the weather in order to estimate a wide variety of data over the entire globe. As such it provides world-wide coverage of a great many interesting quantities. All quantities are provided at monthly time resolution, and at a variety of levels of the atmosphere where appropriate.”

    Ah, the irony, a double spanking!

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