Michael Mann wades into the UVA thicket as intervenor

Michael Mann wades into the UVA thicket as intervenor” (2011-11-02). I’ve sat back a bit lately, enjoying the sight of Anthony and his Team imploding over the results of the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) study, but this post cries out for a “WTF?”

Anthony Watts sympathetically re-posts Chris Horner’s whining about how Dr. Michael Mann has been allowed to intervene in the American Tradition Institute’s lawsuit over… Dr. Michael Mann’s correspondence during his time at the University of Virginia.

Why on god’s green earth should Dr. Mann be permitted to intervene in a lawsuit over his own correspondence? What could he possibly know? What insight could he possibly offer? What interest is it of his?

Whereas the ATI’s lawyers, who are also the ATI petitioners, assert that they are pure as driven snow (ideologically at least). They’re highly qualified, as attorneys, to confidentially assess the documents in question without revealing then to the petitioners (that would be themselves). Too bad they were widely broadcasting their intention to widely distribute the material they had tentatively been given permission to inspect under a protective order.

Smooth move, Chris.

Chris does however quite rightly assert that there is no “vast right-wing conspiracy”. It’s actually quite tiny and close-knit.

9 thoughts on “Michael Mann wades into the UVA thicket as intervenor

  1. What’s with all the ad hominizing?

    If Mann said Schnarle and Hoofer were ugly so they shouldn’t have an opinion, that would be ad hominum ( maybe even abomnimal ).

    Saying that Schnarle is in conflict of interest is true, a fact. Facts, even abhorent ones , are not ad homoginised.

    John McManus

    [perhaps they’re ad hoc-tastic? – Ben]

  2. I did love the “Mann’s case without merit, ATI’s case beloved by judge says ATI” reporting angle.

    Speaking of being pure as the driven snow, there may be trouble ahead for ATI’s counsel.

    [Beloved… just like frat house clowns. – Ben]

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  4. When this case fails to reveal anything, will their next move be dumpster diving into Mann’s garbage cans?

  5. I’m supremely confident that someone has already been through Mann’s garbage cans or attempted to do so.

  6. Be kind……………This is the last gasp of Climategate, in which the skeptics got all those emails, but now have nothing to show for them.
    The later reviews cleared the participants of wrongdoing. And the worst findings were of FOIA offenses.

    Particularly……………because of their recent losses in the BEST story. The last WUWT hope of attacking the land temperature data sets is shot down by Richard Muller. And GWPF’s faulty graph is trashed by tamino.

    And they are reduced to shedding crocodile tears over pre-publication before peer review. Even though it makes skeptic arguments available to the peer reviewers.

    In this case……………the skeptics are just hoping get lucky in their fishing expedition.

    The legal effort misses much of the skeptics’ primary objection to Michael Mann, which is over MBH1998 and MBH1999.

    The UVa emails won’t cover the writing of the first two hockey stick papers. Michael Mann taught at UVa from 1999 to 2005. But MBH1999 was apparently published on Feb 4,1999. And describes him as a post-doc at UMass, Amherst.

  7. Soon there should be a Curryclimate, Etc…
    Judith is making rapid strides to overtake WUWT on the left and right with idiocy. And some of her commenters are comedy gold!

    [I recommend Curry Quotes for those looking for an easy way to follow Judith’s twisting and spinning. – Ben]

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