An Open Letter to Dr. Phil Jones of the UEA CRU

An Open Letter to Dr. Phil Jones of the UEA CRU” (2011-11-27). Just like Anthony Watts, the first thing darling Willis Eschenbach did with the “new” batch of (years-old) Climategate e-mails was search for his own name. And he found it! Hardly surprising, after-all he was one of people who “mail bombed” the Climate Research Unit with “freedom of information” requests.

Again just like Anthony’s response, this “new” batch of old messages is merely an opportunity to serve up warmed-over self-righteous fury. Did you know that Dr. Phil Jones didn’t instantly respond to Willis’ meandering nit-picking accusatory e-mails? Indentured servants, err… university professors, must jump to attention when a taxpayer speaks! Did you also know that Dr. Jones failed to respond in the way Willis instructed him to? Such petty defiance!

Also, Dr. Jones no longer has his high school term papers available for public dissection. He’s hiding something!

As noted in comments here, Willis’ open letter to “Dear Dr. Jones” about his “polite, scientific request” uses the word ‘lie’ at least twenty times and the word ‘liar’ at least twice.

The intention of the “mail bombs” was to obstruct the scientist’s activities and to sift through their responses for anything that could be twisted to the denialist’s purpose. That game continues.

P.S. All the highlighting of disputes and arguments between the real climate scientists “revealed” in the latest batch of old stolen e-mails kind of undermines the whole conspiracy thing. Bit of a mixed message, Willis.

8 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Dr. Phil Jones of the UEA CRU

  1. [[…]] W. Eschenbach is connected to cherrypicked quotes by WUWT (Wotts Up With That), finds himself mispresented [[…]]

  2. Talk about a stuck record, revolving around complete and utter nonsense.

    Oh my god, are we stuck in an evil time loop warp, with the legendary meteorologist Phil Connors?

    Groundhog Day, February 2nd, 1993, location Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, USA

    “The phrase “Groundhog Day” has entered common use as a reference to an unpleasant situation that continually repeats, or seems to” :- wikipedia

  3. After reading the open letter, besides being unable to understand his point, I decided to check.

    The Hadley site says the data and station info are available for downloading; the lying bastards. So I clicked and they appeared. But, but, but what about the lies?

    I figured it out. Jones is not lying and Willard would never lie, so: I must be the liar.

    The data, by the way, is an unreadable bunch of numbers as a denier whined not long ago (was it Wilson?). The denier thought it was Jones being mean and felt no personal responsibilty for proclaming on climate science without the knowledge or ability education might provide. He seemed to think that Jones should be spoon feeding him because he’e special (maybe named ED?). I don’t think Jones has replied yet.

    John McManus

    • Willis: Open the door, HAL. I’m going to look oidtuse to compare actual conditions to your model.HAL: I’m sorry Willis. I’m afraid I can’t do that.

  4. One of today’s English majors will write the 21st century’s magnum opus, a non-Dante “Inferno”, about mankind’s inability to avoid some of the consequences of AGW.

    Willis Eschenbach is hereby guaranteed a position in the 1st circle of hell.

    Misguided skeptic scientists and politicians will be put in the 2nd circle.

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