Hiding the decline down under – inconvenient papers censored

Hiding the decline down under – inconvenient papers censored” (2011-12-01). Yawn. Anthony Watts complains again about outrageous scientific censorship. Scientific papers disproving global warming were blocked! Except they weren’t.

A right-wing Australian newspaper has declared that former senior public servant Doug Lord’s “six scientific papers” about sea-level changes at Fort Denison in Sydney Harbour were blocked by “post-normal” partisan (i.e. socialist) bureaucrats. Thus disproving Global Warming once and for all.

Except… even the supporting 1990 paper by E. A. Bryant later brought to Anthony’s incurious attention shows that rates of sea-level change across Australia are not uniform, with Sydney appearing particularly divergent. Funny that that’s the only one Anthony’s interested in talking about.

So… these six papers were the only ones ever prepared by a government employee that weren’t published? Seems a bit of a stretch. Oh wait, only five weren’t published. One of them was published. Which one, Anthony? Your skeptical intellect didn’t bother to investigate, did it.

Australian crank David Archibald (an Energy & Environment author and “endorsed by one head of state and four professors“) rushes in to ‘confirm’ that “there does not appear to be any evidence of acceleration” with his usual straight line slapped on top of a squiggle. While the commenters rail about progressive Australian politics. Same old same old.

2 thoughts on “Hiding the decline down under – inconvenient papers censored

  1. Ah, the very same fool, who gave this ten minute furphy filled lecture of pure climate change denial head in the sand nonsense, to a very small number of attendees, with the odd curious public servant at the failed fiasco Canberra “No Carbon Tax Rally” August 16th, 2011, on the manicured lawns of Federal Parliament House. Link

    I must say, it was a truly interesting rally, where the very small crowd of attendees, loudly abused and cursed all mass media reporters and cameramen covering the tiny event or fiasco. Interestingly, Murdoch’s Fauxtel Pay TV flash mob, were also abused as well too, go figure(and yes, they are just as biased as their US cousins, on bad reporting on climate science too!)! Oh, the irony, the moneurons who attended, all feasting on pure bullshit, served up by every speaker, were deliberately biting the hand that feeds!

    An ABC Australian unbiased news report on the same event, total number of attendees did not exceed 3,000 in Australia’s largest inland city, and the nations capital, with a population approaching 400K plus.

    Is there not a saying “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!”

  2. Sydney is having a bit of a cool spell at the moment, letting the youngster’s know what normal weather used to be back in the 1960s apparently. So now we’ve got our version of ‘it’s snowing so we’re heading for an ice age’. Funny how a cool breeze can addle the brain of some of us down under :D

    [I’m just surprised that denialists don’t similarly declare, at noon each day, that it will never be dark again. – Ben]

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