The flying Monck

The flying Monck” (2011-12-06). Isn’t that just like Anthony Watts? Warm is cold, up is down, grimaces are grins. The aging and unfit Lord Monckton is so desperate for attention that he actually sky-dived over the Durban climate conference to ‘draw attention’ to climate change denial skepticism. Anthony declares that Monckton is “grinning” on the way down, but you be the judge. Anthony’s readers are equally enthusiastic in their admiration of this demonstration of Monckton’s intellect.

Hang on to them choppers, M’Lord. And open them eyes.

Actually, this may be Monckton’s primary talent. Oblivious grinning while his arguments are shot down.

Note also that, just like in the climate debate, Monckton’s role is to clown for the camera while someone else pulls the strings.

6 thoughts on “The flying Monck

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  2. Ah, an excellent demonstration of a wide variety of the various laws of physics, first demonstrated by Leonardo da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei!

    It is a shame, he routinely ignores the remaining laws of physics, in his lectures preaching the gospel that defies reality, to a few lost mononeurons, for a very handsome stipend of course!!

  3. When I was 18, I jumped out of a plane. In those days we just climbed out of the plane, hung onto the wing strut, feet trailing behind and let go when the instructor signalled us. The static line would pull our chutes open (if not, we had to go deploy our emergency chutes, which could actually be complicated if the primary chute was above our heads but not fully open). On my first jump I was so scared I don’t think I could have manually deployed my emergency chute…I even forgot to count to 5 to see if my main chute had properly opened by that time.

    But I had my eyes open….if I was going to go splat I want to at least see the scenery on the way down…I imagine in those final few seconds though I might look quite a bit like Monckton, rictus grin, eyes tightly closed. btw, I liked the jump so much I went back and did it again right away.

  4. Let me see if i’ve got this right. Today AGW is disproved by TVMOB hurling himself out of an aeroplane ? WTF ? Tomorrow I suppose, TVMOB will be tightrope walking to disprove the smoking cancer link.

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