Live stream from Heartland conference

Live stream from Heartland conference” (2012-05-23). Anthony Watts is a predictably circular fantasist, but when the entire denialosphere gathers its hard not to set Atlas Shrugged aside for a minute.

Exciting times again! The Heartland Institute’s Seventh International Conference on Climate Change is underway! “Real Science, Real Choices.” Yeah, baby! They’ve even “reserved several dozen speaker slots for prominent warmists“! Gotta dust some credibility the speaker’s list somehow. (No takers.)

Václav Klaus! You know, the famous climate scientist. Oh, wait, he’s the right-wing Czech President.

Astronaut-Climate Scientists who’ve touched the gol-durn face of God! Well, mostly disgruntled/retired NASA engineers that sent a stern letter to themselves containing many exclamation marks.

Stand-up comedy too! Have you heard that hilarious Ricky Gervais? Oh, it’s Lord Monckton doing his one-man Morris dance? Pass.

Anthony Watts presenting science! Oh, he’s just going to warm over his debunked “How Reliable Are Twentieth Century Temperature Reconstructions?” aspersions. Not in the mood for a witless version of Ground Hog Day.

Still, Joe Bast! He knows how to throw a party, right? Maybe not. Attendance is down to 300 (but thousands more will see the videos fer sure). Joe “Unabomber” is suddenly having trouble getting donor meetings and is casting about for rich (senile?) uncles. Denialist throats need to be well-lubricated it seems. But heart-felt thanks as always to the Heritage Foundation and the Illinois Coal Association.

Ain’t gonna be no rematch I guess. Surely we can count on Watts, Monckton, Singer, Morano, Michaels and pals to keep the dog and pony show going, even if just by bellowing on their blogs?

No doubt Anthony will shortly explain how this is all proof that Global Warming is over (and was a lie).

12 thoughts on “Live stream from Heartland conference

  1. Even a triple by-pass is not gonna save heartland now.

    [It remains to be seen whether, for once, a denialist faces reality… – Ben]

  2. There are multiple ironies here.

    Brendan DeMelle, at Desmogblog has Joseph Bast at his closing speech, indicating the possibility of no further ICCC conferences. The second, is the number of attendees was a mere shadow at around 270, some watt down from the usual 800 who attended in the past. The third irony, was at the end of the final meal, the waiters delivered the bill, thus reinforcing the fact, there are no free lunches, even at propaganda festivals! The fourth irony, Joseph told his guests, we need more money to spread the “Climate of Denial for profit Propaganda Around”.

    Brendan DeMelle Desmog blog link :

    So many ironies, who would have thought the “Billboard of Shame”, had created such an interesting outcome.

    ps welcome back Ben :)

    [Maybe that was the trigger, but all the Unabomber billboard showed was that the Heartland “Institute” was intellectually bankrupt. “Fakegate” revealed them as venal propagandists masquerading as advocates for the public interest. – Ben]

  3. I’ve been following the gathering as best I can, and haven’t any references to actual science being discussed there. Wonder why …

    [I loved the seminar topics “CO2 is green” and “Global Whining” – Ben]

  4. Great to see that you are still writing posts Ben!

    Why is this topic so important to you personally that you have written a blog about it?

    [Why is denying evidence of global warming so important to YOU personally? I started this blog because I was disgusted by Anthony Watts’ continual intellectual dishonesty. He could have pontificated on hamster breeding and I’d have seen through him. Unfortunately environmental issues aren’t some innocuous sank – they impact everyone regardless of their dumb-ass political philosophy. Regarding the Heartland “climate conference”, it’s just funny watching these self-deceiving idiots realise that they’re stokers on the Titanic, not steering the battleship Missouri like they told themselves. = Ben]

    • I do not deny evidence of Global Warming, or Cooling, by small amounts. There just is no case to be made for claiming that the planet is going to warm by a devastating amount due to human releases of CO2. There is even less of a case for the implementation of Carbon Taxation as an effective way to improve the state of humanity.

      Tell us, Ben, by how much do you think the Planet will warm due to human CO2 emissions over the next 50 years? By how much will that warming be mitigated if we ceased all CO2 emissions today? Please provide an estimate of the temperature difference between now and 50 years from now based on natural variation also. Now, how much will it cost to implement the Carbon Taxation schemes being proposed (and in Oz, sadly, imposed). And finally, how much does that work out per degree? How many lives will be saved by the wealth expended? Gee, for a bonus question, if saving human life was your goal, can you think of a better way to expend that much wealth?

      [Are you back to the tactic of vague open-ended rhetorical questions again? Boring. – Ben]

      • It’s funny how those who support the Carbon Tax will do and say anything to avoid answering these very basic questions that any competent business analyst, or even my mum, would know to ask before buying into it.

        Makes people wonder what you are hiding! I could write the answers here for you, but it is more fun to read how you try to squirm away from providing any actual science-based numbers to back up your position!

        [It’s funny how Denialists like to hijack comment threads and make boastful sweeping assertions that they declare to be obvious and need no proof (in this case, invoking “Mum”). Nothing to say on-topic it seems, but a desperate need to speak. – Ben]

      • Gotcha! You see, you won’t dare to answer those questions because if you do then it is “game over”.

        Checkmate in one move! I win. You lose.


        [“I R Tiddlywinks Champ!” Chris bellows over his shoulder as he flees to victory. – Ben]

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  8. Scott Denning seems to have given it a miss this year. Last year he told them they were “arguing over decimal points”. This year they do not even seem to have got that far.

  9. Ben, in the form of Chris Smith you seem to have been sadled with a denialist troll/stalker with nothing of substance of say _ as is usual for those idiots. Such is the price for exposing their stupidity and ignorance. Above, after asking a number of ‘how long is string’ type questions, he says ” I could write the answers here for you…”. LOL. This is the fool who parrots the ‘it hasn’t warmed in the last ten years’ and the ‘it’s a travesty that we can’t account for the lack of warming…’ nonsense, who now claims he can give us the answer. Just more confirmation of how delusional those idiots are.

    [Maybe I should simply answered “I could write the answers here for you” with “no you can’t”. – Ben]

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