A refreshing change on sea level policy – use historical data rather than model projections

A refreshing change on sea level policy – use historical data rather than model projections (2012-03-13). Anthony Watts approves of a North Carolina environmental bill that mandates that scientific evidence be ignored. Only the politically appointed North Carolina Coastal Resources Commission is permitted to declare how much sea-level will rise (or, err, not rise), so there!

Anthony is, naturally, dead set agin gubmint reg’lation unless he happens to be fer it. Especially if it orders the smart people to shut up. Naturally the “science” behind the bill was a single misinterpreted paper.

Maybe Anthony should look a bit further back before cuddling up to using only historical records to decide what will happen in the future. The King Canute of old commanded the tide to halt to prove that the natural world pays no attention to politics, not to allow his buddies to build condos on beaches.

Then the king leapt backwards, saying: ‘Let all men know how empty and worthless is the power of kings, for there is none worthy of the name, but He whom heaven, earth, and sea obey by eternal laws.’

God of course doesn’t exist, but the “eternal laws” are not ours to set.

This brainless bill died in the House. Sorry Anthony! I guess no-one wanted to displace legislating the value of pi from the top podium of ignorance. I’ve heard you’ve made a few visits though, how’s the view from up there?

7 thoughts on “A refreshing change on sea level policy – use historical data rather than model projections

  1. I like the latest post by Dr. Brown on being outraged at being called deniers.

    “On WUWT most of the skeptics do not “deny” AGW, … What they challenge is the catastrophic label and the alleged magnitude of the projected warming….”

    “It [Earth’s temperature] isn’t doing anything that can be resolved from the natural statistical variation of the data.”

    So he just denied the A and pretty much the W. Later he confounds the mathematical definition of “catastrophe” (a type of phase change in a system developed by Zeeman) with its everyday meaning (lot’s of people dying.)\\

    [Every time they take exception to the label they only confirm it. – Ben]

  2. I love the bit where you state for a certain fact that “God does not exist”. Oh, the irony!

    [Wassamatter, too skeptical for ya? – Ben]

    • No, it’s funny that you are an ardent believer in Atheism. Its like, OMG, dude, you are soooo cliched. You fit into your tiny box precisely! It’s just very funny! I can just see you now, spending late nights sorting through your rubbish believing that you are saving the planet and cursing those who do the sensible thing and just bang it straight in the land fill. They should write a TV show about you – too funny.

      [That window you’re peering out of from your Tower of Judgment seems to be a mirror. – Ben]

      • Ben, I can’t believe you’re such an ardent believer in no-leprechaunism. Any thinking, rational person knows that leprechauns live at the bottom of my garden and control the climate using a system of tiny levers. if you doubt this, let me ask you one question… were you there? Heh heh heh, thought not! Checkmate, no-leprechaunist!

        [Oh My (there is no) God! I’ve had rings run around me logically! :-) – Ben]

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