A wave of heated peer pressure results in shrinking integrity

A wave of heated peer pressure results in shrinking integrity” (2012-07-08). More enthusiastic broadcasting of baseless aspersions by our dear Anthony Watts. Gail Combs (not, apparently, a scientist unless she’s one of Anthony’s “anonymous cowards”) says:

“As a scientist, I KNOW other scientists will lie through their teeth when it comes to money or their career.”

Trust the “citizen auditors”, who have no agenda whatsoever! They are actually blind-folded (well, blinkered) as they operate the Ouija Board of Truth.

Tamino makes an excellent point about Anthony’s intellectual and ethical bankruptcy: What is “ad hominem”? It really says something when denialists like Anthony and “Gail” are so willing to categorize such a diverse group of people as uniformly corrupt just to suit their partisan biases.

Meanwhile Anthony & Co. mime shivering during a blistering hot summer and pretend to puzzle over why “the media” keeps talking about heat waves…

P.S. Another interesting example of Anthony’s resentful sneering and intimidation (the link in his reply gives his foot soldiers the commenter’s contact details) in the comments:

REPLY: “Not by bloggers…” yeah sure. There’s that holier than thou academic side of you again. I’ll bet you think internists and patent clerks can’t contribute anything either. Your wrongness about who can contribute is exceeded only by your condescension. If this is all a waste of time to you, then take a hike rather than lecture down to us, if it isn’t kindly shut the hell up and let’s compare publications later – Anthony

Seems Anthony’s critics are either “hit and run anonymous cowards” or politically motivated “trolls” that must be carefully labeled so readers discount them, until it’s finally necessary to not-censor them: [SNIP: You are not funny. You are done. Get lost. -REP]

8 thoughts on “A wave of heated peer pressure results in shrinking integrity

  1. Now, let us look at the definition of a “Quality Engineer”:

    “The Certified Quality Engineer is a professional who understands the principles of product and service quality evaluation and control. This body of knowledge and applied technologies include, but are not limited to, development and operation of quality control systems, application and analysis of testing and inspection procedures, the ability to use metrology and statistical methods to diagnose and correct improper quality control practices, an understanding of human factors and motivation, facility with quality cost concepts and techniques, and the knowledge and ability to develop and administer management information systems and to audit quality systems for deficiency identification and correction.”

    In examining the subtext of Gail’s extraordinary claims, assumptions and fallacy assertions! There are numerous errors and willful mistakes. Such as poor diagnosis of the subject, lack of inspection of the data supplied by herself, improper use of econometric statistical methodology and analysis of data and so the list grows. In short, Gail’s “ad hominem” travesty is in desperate need of very heavy dose of quality control engineering in order to reduce the furphy fallacy count to zero.

    I think Gail’s failed fallacy analysis, is best summed up by George Bush Jr.

    Nullius in verba (scratches head)

  2. Tamino really hit the nail on the head about Anthony’s hypocrisy. “Stop calling us names”, but it’s ok to put up a post that says thousands of scientists are frauds? It’s amazing; the guy sinks so low that you can’t imagine he’ll sink any lower. Yet he does.

  3. Dennis, you are correct that he keeps sinking lower and lower.

    He’s since posted false details about a tweeter, but refuses to correct his blog despite the person tweeting he got it all wrong.

    From Anthony’s inline comments to those who’ve picked him up on it, he expects everyone to visit his website to see if he’s made up stuff about them and then contact him personally to tell him he’s wrong – after he’s done all the damage. (And then tells people to ‘lighten up’ using the argument that he filed the abominable post as humour – as if!)

    Anthony Watts is a contemptible man.

  4. I took the ‘a swing and a miss’ tweet to mean that Watts is wrong – coupled with the fact that it’s probably hard to add 26 or so years to your life in three years. But the tweeter in question is ‘refusing to confirm or deny’ that he’s a goth-rocker – spoiling Anthony’s fun so much that Watts closed the comments. As someone tweeted – Watts reached his 140 word character assassination limit :D


  5. I love that, two or three days after “outing” the wrong blogger and refusing to correct his own mistake, Anthony is now outraged, OUTRAGED!, at being “libeled” by some blogger.

    [The important thing when you’re a bald-faced hypocrite like Anthony is to keep accelerating the cycle of attack/accuse so your audience doesn’t spot the pattern. – Ben]

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