The IPCC weighs in on the Mann Nobel dilemma, and throws him under the bus

“The IPCC weighs in on the Mann Nobel dilemma, and throws him under the bus” (2012-11-02). The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change swats a semantic mosquito and Anthony Watts, as he gets squished like the bug he is, declares victory.

So did Dr. Michael Mann win the Nobel Peace Prize or just help?

Apparently it’s way more important to argue about semantics, comma placement, etc. and use that for personal attacks than it is to discuss climate change science. Honest scientific discussion is a topic of last resort at WUWT, repeatedly chosen “Best Science Blog”, by (Funny how in every possible 2012 category denialist bloggers “won”. Like every fraudulent accolade Anthony claims, they aren’t worth the pixels they’re printed on.)

  • Did the IPCC receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for their scientific work on Climate Change? Yes. They shared it with crypto-communist Al Gore.
  • Did the IPCC thank key contributors for their work, which resulted in the IPCC receiving the Nobel Peace Prize? Yes.
  • Was Dr. Mann one of those contributors? Yes.
  • Did Dr. Mann, in fit of alleged ego, fabricate his own Nobel Peace Prize certificate? No.
  • Do Anthony and his denialist buddies care? No.

2 thoughts on “The IPCC weighs in on the Mann Nobel dilemma, and throws him under the bus

  1. These are people who believe a couple of Scandinavian tree rings prove the whole world was warmer in olden times. A current discussion in an otherwise incomprehensible thread has it that the loss of Artic sea ice will lead to global cooling.
    Apparently the angle of incidence for incoming sunlight is so low that it just bounces back into space, and furthermore because there is no ice cover to act as some kind of thermal blanket any warmth in the Artic ocean is now escaping. And just in case you were thinking of pointing out the obvious stupidity some bright spark has posted that the albedo of Artic ice is overstated and perhaps even non-existent.
    If facts were a form of fuel these guys could power the whole world on the smell of an oily rag.
    Yes Michael E Mann is guilty. Guilty of having an ego. No he is not a laureate,but he is a scientist and as a scientist he does know what he is talking about.
    I’ve never actually read through an entire thread on WUWT. It was an ‘experience.” There are some real nutters out there.

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