Climate totally absent from all presidential debates

“Climate totally absent from all presidential debates” (2012-10-22). Had to jump back to this otherwise disposable post by Anthony Watts. It struck me as illuminating that Anthony was so pleased that a topic on which he obsesses over is allegedly being ignored in the current US elections.

Surely if Anthony truly cared about the scientific debate he’d crave the opportunity to explain to the wider public why he’s right and the worlds almost uniformly nefarious climate scientists are wrong? After-all, he regularly boasts of his status as “the world’s best science blog”!

nobody cares anymore and the leaders don’t want to ride the lightning.

Nope. His only purpose is distraction and confusion. Shameful.

6 thoughts on “Climate totally absent from all presidential debates

  1. Ben, to an earlier thread, I linked a series of debunking points, regarding Judith Curry’s disinfo campaign: You may like this one, done by Dana Nuccitelli, who was recently published in a peer-reviewed journal.

    Rose and Curry Double Down on Global Warming Denial

    I think your blog serves a very important function, as being yet another grabbable link by search engines, in order to widely, loudly, and armed with facts, debunk these who would rather see the biosphere further degraded than to admit they are dead wrong.

    [It’s amazing how quickly Anthony’s ditto-heads/sock-puppets reblog his posts attempting to drown out other voices and detach the claims from criticism. – Ben]

  2. Yea, Dana’s
    Rose and Curry Double Down on Global Warming Denial
    is information packed and an excellent read.

    For what it’s worth, I did a paragraph by paragraph commentary on the “reader’s digest” Curry posted at her website. Not science packed, but thoughts regarding the rhetorical slights of hand Curry uses. It’s an amateur effort for sure – but I dare say there’s a gem or two in there waiting for more capable minds to entertain.

  3. Freed from the need to worry about re-election, let’s hope Obama takes up climate change. His comments during last night’s victory speech suggest maybe.

  4. Hahahaha…there’s nobody reading this!

    [Your evidence? No, zealot “instinct” doesn’t count. – Ben]

  5. A global warming controversy still exists for a range of reasons.
    This can impact both worldwide and local patterns of climate and atmosphere-ocean circulation.

    And these changes will not suit human life as it is.

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