A post election oddity I’m noticing

“A post election oddity I’m noticing” (2012-11-09). Ah yes, Anthony Watts notices flags flying at half-mast since the re-election of that communist Kenyan. Just sayin’!

Just another dispassionate observation from our science-minded guide.

Is it “a sign of distress or emergency” or “respect for the fallen in service of our country”? Anthony suggests that the flags identify right-thinking Americans, but let’s not forget Samuel Johnson’s observation – “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Suck it up, Anthony.

8 thoughts on “A post election oddity I’m noticing

  1. The comments are pretty funny/depressing too. It seems the folks who’re “low information” about climate science — and about science in general — are “low information” about other things too. It’s like they all adopt their political views based on information derived from conversations in bars. Don’t any of them ever, for example, read a serious newspaper?

    [So “skeptical” and yet so quick to discard or ignore. – Ben]

  2. PS: Pardon me for my slowness on the uptake.

    flags flying at half-mast since the re-election of that communist Kenyan

    . . . and those half-mast flags have nothing to do with the fact that tomorrow’s Veterans’ Day here in the US . . .

    [Veteran’s Day happens on Veteran’s Day. Resentment of democracy knows no limitation. – Ben]

  3. The comments in that thread would be amusing if one could maintain the happy pretense that people didn’t seriously believe that stuff.

    It starts out with people posting suggestions of voter fraud (I’ve seen this on other wingnut sites, it turns out to be people drawing strong conclusions from a data set they don’t understand. What does that remind you of…) and the notion that the UN rules the US.

    After that they start straight-out opposing democracy, referring to the Democratic Party as the Nazi party, international banking conspiracies, international socialism conspiracies and Randianism,

  4. Sadly, in this particular US Presidential Election for 2012 both parties, including political friends and associates, spent upwards a combined total exceeding two billion dollars. This unfortunately makes it the most expensive race to the Whitehouse, in dollar terms since the days of George Washington.

    Alas as always in the unique US political propaganda cult of personality, all the real major issues such as the inconvenient truth of global warming/climate change/pollution, were buried deep in the mire of propaganda BS.

    The only oddity that turned up in this particular super Tuesday election, was the reality that many Republican Party members were caught with both hands in the till of vote rigging, ouch!

    Reality, has a liberal bias.

    It was also amusing, to watch all of the US Murdoch Faux News media personalities, A through Z, go through four out of the five stages of denial within two hours of the polls closing, on Super Tuesday. To watch the paid for comment fools, fooled by their very own “Tea Party” propaganda BS, that they alone could dictate the election of a US President, failed absolutely! Priceless!

    “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. – Winston Churchill”

    Such is life.

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