Pielke Jr. appears to get booted from a journal for giving an unfavorable peer review to some shoddy science

Pielke Jr. appears to get booted from a journal for giving an unfavorable peer review to some shoddy science (2013-02-21). So much truculent stupidity at Watts Up With That recently! All just background noise here in the world of reality. This one’s entertaining though, especially as once again it illuminates Anthony Watts’ habit of blindly piling on any complaint of persecution of fellow denialists.

What happened? Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. wrote another of his “everyone’s mean to me” blog posts because he was dropped from the editorial board of Global Environmental Change. Why? Because they hate him and only ever pretended to like him. The reality however is hilariously different.

First though, Anthony’s contribution. He insta-pasted a snide accusation from Mark Steyn, a notoriously inflammatory right-wing flunky, who after the obligatory self-referential muttering about the evil Dr. Michael Mann declared that “…Professor Pielke, expelled by the palace guard of climate conformism, appears to have been felled by the very pathology he identified.”

Our un-inquisitive and hasty Anthony was forced to walk it back a bit though as you will notice when carefully examining his post’s slug; “pielke-jr-gets-booted-from-journal-for-giving-an-unfavorable-peer-review-to-some-shoddy-science”. It’s missing the ass-covering “appears to get” which was added to the post title later. The post now starts with a non-correction by Roger. It seems he still considers himself rudely dumped, but not for the reason he howled about. I can still hear the wahhhh-mbulance though.

So what really happened? The thin-skinned drama queen thought he was kicked to the curb as payback for his blog criticism (Science is the Shortcut) of a paper, Climate change prediction: Erring on the side of least drama?, published in Global Environmental Change. Sadly, it turns out that none of the journal’s other board members were even aware of Roger’s devastating blast, making it hard to sustain the accusation.

In fact, Roger had reached the end of his term and had clearly been coasting. Expected to review up to five papers a year, as many as 30 in his six years, he had been requested to review 18 papers. He’d only actually reviewed six and hadn’t submitted a review since August 2010. His replacement coincided with that of five others, who presumably all simultaneously pissed off the secret editorial board leaders…

2013-02-23 Update: “Rabett” calls it: victim bullying.

8 thoughts on “Pielke Jr. appears to get booted from a journal for giving an unfavorable peer review to some shoddy science

  1. Ben the male model, sorry sportswear shopkeeper, sorry IT consultant/sedimentary geologist clearly doesn’t have much work on at the moment.

    [“Cuttlefish”, the impotent internet creep, is working at his full intellectual capacity however. – Ben]

  2. Hmmm, let us have a look at the ‘elsevier journal’s’ mission statement:

    “Global Environmental Change: Human and Policy Dimensions is an international, interdisciplinary journal spanning the social and natural sciences. It publishes high-quality original theoretical and applied research and review articles across the entire field of global environmental change. Areas include biodiversity and ecosystem services, water resources, climate change, international agreements, North-South relations, land use and cover change, institutions and governance. The journal interprets global environmental change to mean the outcome of processes that are manifest in localities, but with consequences at multiple spatial, temporal and socio-political scales. The journal addresses issues of public policy, economics, equity, risk, and resilience, science policy, international development, and health and well-being.”

    Or as the simple ones daily lie to themselves thought a time before breakfast Willard Watts tiny number of ersatz skeptic supporters would say “This mob is full to the brim with assorted alarmist writings and the vast majority of it’s readers all fully support all current “Global Warming Theories”, to the last decimal place.

    The inconvenient question now becomes, why was junior an unpaid associate editor of such a journal, that fully supports all A through Z theories, that global warming is very real!

    Sadly, junior in posting his blog, answers so few questions of reality at the end of the day and leaves far too many untied inconvenient loose ends.

    “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” ― Mark Twain

    Nullius in Verba

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  4. I made a comment referring to Mr Watts academic scientific achievements (none) and suggested that he’s in no position to criticise anyone about an alleged lack of qualifications. You can probably guess what he did with it.

    I think the weak point of guys like not-a-scientist Watts, not-a-Bishop Hill, not-a-Lord Monckton, not-really-human Lord Lawson etc is some epic, kick-ass narcissism. Constant, unctuous, self-congratulation is what sustains them and their followers, providing an insulating bubble from reality.

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