An Open Letter to Dr. Marcia McNutt, new Editor-In-Chief, Science Magazine

An Open Letter to Dr. Marcia McNutt, new Editor-In-Chief, Science Magazine (2013-08-04). This is awesome for Anthony Watts. One his best buddies, Willis Eschenbach, has just been published in Science!

Oh wait, it’s just an astoundingly condescending and sexist, as well as painfully long,”Open Letter” containing the usual Gish Gallop of denialist rants written for Willis’ private wish-fulfillment. Probably a frustrated response to the Science special issue, A Once and Future Climate two days earlier (hint: no one thinks the planet is turning into a tropical paradise). Also, Al Gore.

Is Willis the only man with the intellectual strength to tell Dr. McNutt the TRUTH rather than stutter sycophantically?

Is Willis the only man with the intellectual strength to tell Dr. McNutt the TRUTH instead of stutter sycophantically?

Summary: Yer good lookin’, so pandering limp-wristed climatologist men have fed yer hippie inclinations. Listen to someone rugged like me copying and pasting denialist crap, not your own 30 years of real active scientific work!

So Willis Eschenbach, a trained masseuse, blowhard blogger and unpublished 1975 psych major, tells Dr. McNutt, a PhD geophysicist with direct research credentials in environmental topics, that “people laugh at the bumf that passes for climate science in your pages”? There’s laughter take place Willis, you got that right.

Anthony’s readers naturally salute Willis’ courage in speaking truth to power, albeit with about 30 grammatical suggestions and a certain amount of wincing.

6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Dr. Marcia McNutt, new Editor-In-Chief, Science Magazine

  1. I love the “open letters” they keep on publishing over there. They really seem to think that the targets might actually read them, even when they are as rambling and weird as this one.

  2. All is explained by Eschenbach in the comment section. Apparently, the fact that he came across as a complete dick was fully intentional. Apparently, if you think he came across as a complete dick, that means that you accept all his claims about science. It all makes sense now.

    And with David Brent-like levels of self-awareness, he considers himself a “damn good wordsmith”. Much like “The Office”, he is painful to watch and almost unbearably cringe-inducing but extremely funny.

    [“I meant to do that!” declares the clumsy oaf. – Ben]

  3. Was the letter actually published in “Science”? If not, it should have been, with a big heading saying who wrote it and where it came from.
    Sometimes the best way of dealing with idiots is to just give them as much rope as possible and let them hang themselves.

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  5. This is a little off topic, though considering Anthony Watts’s staunch support and his energetic booster activities for The Lord… it’s not that far off.

    Recently Watt’s called Ben and few others, including myself ‘his Spawn’ – although I’d think it would be more accurate to think of us in terms of an immune response to a gross insult on the body politic. In any event, being singled out like that encouraged me to write an open letter to Watts and also to review his recent video “The Ten Tests to Determine Whether You Should Be Concerned about Global Warming” offering up a whole catalogue of links to authoritative sources that dispute his disingenuous claims. I hope you don’t me sharing:

    Watts’ Ten Tests to Determine… Concern about Global Warming

    Mr. Anthony Watts, What’s up with You?

    Mr. Anthony Watts, how can you ignore evidence like this?

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