Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda – another overhyped storm that didn’t match early reports

“Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda – another overhyped storm that didn’t match early reports” (2013-11-09). Sometimes Anthony Watts’ denialist haste can only be described as contemptible, verging on sociopathic. Here he rushes to highlight Paul Homewood (scientific qualification – retired accountant) braying that some media reports on Super Typhoon Haiyan botched converting wind speeds from metric to imperial.

Since the Mainstream Media are proven liars, there is clearly no Global Warming! Write scathing letters to your editors complaining about math errors!

Paul Homewood’s whining is done while brushing aside the deaths and destruction that Super Typhoon Haiyan is still causing and are only beginning to be quantified. Of course as even early reports start to roll in Anthony and Paul have had to trip over themselves to qualify and re-qualify themselves. Maybe it wasn’t so overhyped after-all.

Look, Anthony Watts was right - No big deal. Photo: AP

Look, Anthony Watts was right! No big deal.. Gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette, right? Taken from a photo gallery on The Ages’ website. Photo: AP

What a disgusting, shameless, little jig. They know that their readers will have largely passed on to the next fake outrage and are unlikely to see them scuttle away from their claims. Aspersions on disliked news sources and climatologists have been spread, Anthony’s readers have been reminded to trust no-one but him; job done. For denialists like Anthony it’s critical to strike while the iron’s hot and while the human consequences can still, callously, be disregarded. Measured comment has no place in his world.

It’s also sickly amusing to watch Paul Homewood try to portray the evil “MSM”, which for simplicity in this case momentarily includes the execrable denialist-friendly Daily Mail, as simultaneously too dumb to work their calculators properly and so cunning that they are deliberately converting the wind speed wrong to terrify their readers.

I’ll leave readers with science blogger Greg Laden’s thoughts: WUWT Science Denialist Blog Hits New, Historic Low.

Update 1: Sou at HotWhopper also takes Anthony to task While thousands may have died in Typhoon Haiyan, be prepared to “throw up in your mouth” at this article on WUWT.

Update 2: Anthony Watts, trying to squirm away from his callous haste, sanctimoniously reminds us that he’s donated to the Red Cross. Has Greg Laden? Has he? Has he??? Greg’s the jerk, not Anthony! I thought a doctrinaire libertarian like Anthony would conclude that Filipinos should stand proud and free and take it on the chin if they failed to personally prepare. Just goes to show.

7 thoughts on “Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda – another overhyped storm that didn’t match early reports

  1. I missed the original article, now there are so many so called updates I can’t anymore say which tripes are original and which are later ones. I do not know why they celebrate the destruction of 90% of Orlando (well a city of similar size), I’ve been on the impression there are plenty tea parties there. Sadly clicked the link in G.Laden’s post to see how much they jubilee the death of maybe 10000.fellow catholics.

  2. What is truly disgusting is Anthony trying to defend his position about the number of casualties. Somebody raised the point that it may be as high as 10000 to which Anthony responded with a reference to some news source that it was only 1200 or so. Perhaps Anthony’s line in the sand is 5000 people? Whatever. He is immoral no matter how he tries to backtrack. Of course some of his sycophantic followers are making jokes. They are truly appalling. They can never ever try to take any moral high ground and accuse of “warmists”of capitalising on disasters.

    • So we cannot insist on accurate reporting of figures? Okay, let’s call it 1 million! 1 million people died in the Typhoon. Happy now? We said a higher figure. Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, the estimate at the time of his writing was 1200. But never mind about that, let’s go with 1 million!

  3. They truly are sickening. Not only that, it was Paul Homewood and Anthony Watts who got the wind speed numbers wrong, not the MSM. Now Anthony has an article saying, don’t worry, with global warming we’ll be able to afford the worse cyclones that happen by the end of the century.

    Sickening and bizarre.

  4. Good folks, like you and Rob Honeycutt, should continue to, even though noses need to be held whilst doing it, taking that a**hole to task for this. A *stink* should be raised, and raised loudly, as far and as wide as possible as the inevitable higher number of causalities from this terrible storm roll in.

    Mendacious deniers like Watts and His Flying Monkeys© should be dog-shamed into the ground over this.

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  6. Very tragic, so many lives lost, whole towns and villages, literally washed away, by the storm surge. Seeing the heavily edited pictures, from all the media sources, including buzzfeed, reminds one of the damage from the 2004, boxing day tsunami. It seems as if, the entire city of Tacloban, has literally been washed off the face of the earth. Tacloban, had an official population of 220,000.

    ABC News Australia – “Big storms compared: Typhoon Haiyan v The Rest”

    Watt a very sad sick game Willard is playing. Absolutely no one, benefits from this game of silly semantics of nit picking, Willard is playing.

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