Regulation gone wild – Christmas lights are the next target of nanny state thinking

“Regulation gone wild – Christmas lights are the next target of nanny state thinking” (2014-112-28). Anthony Watts discovers the Gub’mint War on Christmas! Obama wants to take away all our Christmas lights!!!!! It’s true because Ernest Istook, a former Republican Congressman from Oklahoma, says so and he’s sure made a dedicated study of the President.

Can you image any other reason the Consumer Products Safety Commission would regulate cheap outdoor electrical products? They can have our Christmas lights when they pry them from our cold dead hands!

6 thoughts on “Regulation gone wild – Christmas lights are the next target of nanny state thinking

    • Watts:
      “So what is CPSC’s justification for adding red tape to the red, green, blue, yellow, white and other colored displays? They report 250 deaths from fires or electrocutions by Christmas lights. That’s not 250 deaths per year; it’s 250 deaths since 1980. They had to add together 33 years of statistics to misportray danger”

      2500 lights and no ignition:

      No Demoncrats are getting dumber.

      [Did you watch your “evidence”? Ignition occurs at 2:30. Your email address is “obamasucks” and you think “Demoncrats” are dumb! I guess you think electrical fires and electrocutions are just evolution in action and vigorous libertarians have nothing to fear, huh? I’d watch out, it’s pretty clear you’re on the bubble. – Ben]

  1. I’ve asked this before, and will most likely ask again, and again, what country in the world could someone move to, then expect and demand the country change for them, because the people offend the new comer? It is BS! So, people coming to America, are offended at Christmas. Every year, there is something offending someone about Christmas, and the Country bends over backwards for them. First it was Nativity Scenes in the malls; they were removed. Then it was Salvation Army at Super Target, Salvation Army was told to leave and not come back. Next it is the Christmas lights?
    This is our heritage, and I say if someone don’t like it, they pack their bags and return to where they came from. It is getting ridiculous! It don’t matter that the newcomer’s heritage may be disgusting or offensive to us, but we are to change for them? BS!

    [I think you should do less “asking” and more reading. Firstly; Christmas lights aren’t being banned, you’re just being played by right-wing interests. Secondly, you have an amazing self-pitying, myopic view of society. Wait! Your comment is a parody, right? – Ben]

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